What would you like Rockstar to improve on in RDR2 in future updates?

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As good as Red Dead Redemption 2 is, it isn't perfect, and while what I'd like to see improved wouldn't make it perfect to me still, there are some things I'd like to see improved. For starters, most people that have played it and play on HDR screens know by now that their implementation of HDR isn't great. I don't know what they'd have to do to get it correct, but I hope they work on it. What I'd also like to see is the ability to look around without the camera reverting to looking forward as you're on your horse in the first person once you start moving. They updated GTA 5 so you could look freely as you drive a car, I hope that's something fixed in an update for RDR2 when on a horse in the first person.

Another thing would be for your weapons to be favorited, or saved so when you get off your horse you don't always have to make sure you're carrying the weapons you like or carrying weapons at all. There have been many times where I'd get off my horse and because I didn't select them, I only carried my pistols. I wish it saved the ones I selected and kept them. Lastly, there is a weird thing where sometimes when you hold L to lock onto someone, you for some odd reason pull your gun out even when you don't press a button to take it out. I'm not sure if it's a glitch, and it doesn't happen often, but it has happened several times in all the time I played and it always made me worry that I'd get in trouble by the law or in some shootout.

So yeah, not too many issues to me, but those are the ones I'd like to see fixed right now. What about all of you?

Edit - Another thing might be the option to edit, or just more, alternative control schemes. I'm someone that got used to the controls just fine early on, but more options would be nice. Considering I play in the first person pretty much the entire time, it would be nice if the first person controls were more in line with modern first-person shooters, where (and I'm on the Xbox One here) X reloads, A does the jump/evade, and B ducks/sneaks.

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I would like to see an option that disables the need for useless busywork, like cleaning your gun. Also I would like to see an option to disable certain animations/cut scenes, like skinning.

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I just went back to the mountain area you are at in the beginning of the game because I just wanted to take in the sights. I decided to, for once, really check out how the third person camera view is, and honestly, I might like it more than in the first person and play with it a lot more now. I just love the way he animates on different surfaces (plus, sound [like on ice] is more realistic it seems), and the way he holds his gun to his shoulder is more realistic than when aiming in the first person. Also, when on the horse you can't go all the way in a circle; once you turn to face the rear, you have to go back the other way to see the other side while in third person you can just go in circles.

It seems the first person is, while definitely trying to be realistic for what it'd be in the first person, just isn't as convenient, and you just don't get to see the animations or clothing of your character. It for some reason comes off as really awkward to me, and not something I've ever really thought about before in games, but I am asking myself 'why is the third person more immersive?' Or maybe it's just more cinematic and it makes me get into the experience more? I know this isn't necessarily on-topic, but it's just something that now occurred to me. I've played the entire game, so hours and hours in the first person. Now is my first real time trying the third person out.

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@monetarydread: So, you just don't want to clean your gun (you want it to always be clean?) Or are you saying you simply want to have the animation cutscenes skippable? If it's the former, that's probably not realistic unless every single person that plays the game makes a fuss about it. I can totally see the latter happen. Also, just know that you can, while cleaning your gun, hold down the X or square button to make it go a little faster. You might already know, and it probably doesn't help enough, but still.

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1. The gun thing is the only one that legitimately pisses me off. I see no reason why the game shouldn't remember what weapons I had equipped 20 seconds ago just because I happened to get off my horse.

2. Speaking of horses, I think the controls needs a small tweak. I'm sick of my horse being able to jump fences but then tripping over a pebble and killing itself. A little consistency would be nice.

3. The bounty system needs a complete overhaul - it's borderline broken right now. I frequently have no idea why I'm picking up bounties or what the specific crimes I'm being hunted for are actually triggered by. Case in point, I turned in a bounty to the Sheriff the other day and immediately got shot at for "disturbing the peace." In another instance I had a drunk NPC stumble into me and got in trouble for "unarmed assault." I'm fine with the idea of there being consequences for acting like an asshole, but I think I should actually need to do something for it to trigger.

4. I think a lot of smaller sub-systems could be removed and really improve the game. Some of these things, like brushing your horse, are fine once you get in the habit of doing them. Others, like managing your character's weight or whether you are hot or cold, just seem kind of like busy work in a bad way. They don't have much of an impact 99% of the time but they still matter just enough and require just enough time to manage that it's obnoxious.

5. This is more of a Rockstar design thing in general, but I'll stick it in here anyway - I really hate it when games lock activities behind a tutorial mission for that activity. It's particularly egregious here because typically parts of the system are immediately available but you can't fully interact with them until the game tells you it's OK. For example, you can catch and break a wild horse almost immediately, but you can't sell it until you have gone through the mission that "teaches" you to sell horses. Same thing with fencing items. You can steal them from the off, but can't actually sell them to someone until the game is willing to show you its tutorial on fencing stolen goods.

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Is there a hotkey to quickly remove and put on my mask? Because if there isn't I want one.

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  • Ability to take off weapons from your horse inventory. I am never going to use those starter guns and it is hassle to cycle trough them.
  • Make it some the varmint riffle ammo does not disappear constantly.
  • Hotkey for binoculars.
  • Ability to hitch your horse without circulating the spot for few minutes.
  • Horses at higher bonding levels dodge trees and jump over tiny rocks instead of ramming into them.
  • Honor system fine tuning. Like I can shoot two drivers faces into mush without no problem but if accidentally sit on their carriage, I lose honor somehow.

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@therealturk: Yeah, I agree about the horse jumps. There have been times when I'd be running full speed at even a fence and because I didn't press the jump button it'd throw me off of her/him, and yet other times (most of the time) it jumps over things just fine. I more often than not now just jump over obstacles myself. I've never run into the bounty issues people have come across. It could either be a legitimate issue, or you might not be seeing the intricacies that game has going for it. I don't know.

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@therealturk: Okay, so I was messing with the antagonize/greet system by going back and forth on a trumpeter in Saint Denis. It was really cool how, and Brad mentioned this, that it seems so natural as to how he goes about going back and forth with it, but when I did it too much, some guy went off to report me so I had to go antagonize him to shut him up, then I became sought after by the police. They told me to leave at least. On one hand, it didn't get totally out of hand, but has there ever really been a point in America where heckling someone was cause for arrest as it's shown in this game? For the entire time I've played, I've pretty much just used greet so I never encountered this.

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I want to be able to create jobs for the camp upgrades. I can't memorize what pelts I need to for satchels

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Fix the broken bounty system, get rid of 90% of the animations because they're useless and tedious, let me collect multiple large pelts, the default moving speed should be a light jog everywhere, not slow walking and fix some of the bugs because right now this game is a janky mess so far.

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Honestly, fixing the bounty system should come first. Everything else can wait. It's the one thing in this game I can point at and say "this is just broken and objectively terrible".

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I really hate having to fiddle with my weapon loadout so much. It's just tedious.

Just let me save custom loadouts and select which one I want to have when I get off my horse.

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Performance for me, but I doubt they can magically squeeze out extra frames from Saint Denis. Fortunately most action happens in open areas where you get a decent framerate.

Remembering your loadout would also be nice.

Mapping quick gun selection to the cardinal directions on the d-pad would be good. I don’t use the journal or log all that often but I sure do switch guns a lot and you can put the horse whistling and de-saddling on a thumb stick press or something.

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Make the smoking animation longer, and let you smoke/drink while playing cards. Arthur takes one puff of a cigarette and tosses into some brush.

And as far as the drinking, I think every poker table I've sat down at the NPCs have mentioned they want to drink! Give the people what they want!

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  • Overwrite autosave alert isn't necessary
  • Binoculars aren't a weapon (you can't raise them to your eyes in areas where you can't use guns)
  • Remember my bet amount between hands
  • Remember my weapon loadout and/or let us create custom loadouts
  • Let us clean our weapons in camp
  • Let us craft at camp campfires
  • Let us sell or drop unwanted weapons
  • Stop auto-matching the speed of nearby horses and wagons
  • Add an option to the horse controls that removes the requirement to hold the button to maintain speed
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There should be unlockable outfits and bonuses for being dishonorable as well as honorable.

I should be able to unlock scumbag outfits.

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100% remappable buttons. With all due respect to the devs, I think I can remap the whole controller scheme to my liking without ruining my experience.

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I really hate having to fiddle with my weapon loadout so much. It's just tedious.

Just let me save custom loadouts and select which one I want to have when I get off my horse.

Apparently there is a way to set a loadout at the gunsmith!

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@the_ruiner said:

I really hate having to fiddle with my weapon loadout so much. It's just tedious.

Just let me save custom loadouts and select which one I want to have when I get off my horse.

Apparently there is a way to set a loadout at the gunsmith!

I ended up googling that and while you can set a loadout at the gunsmith, it also has a chance of bugging out and resetting from time to time, at least according to various people on Reddit and such. Haven't had time to try it out myself, but hey at least it's something. I really only have two issues and that's the lesser of the two.

The larger one would be how damn twitchy the bounty system is. I rode into Valentine once, and I think I may have bumped someone or something with my horse? I legitimately have very little idea of what happened, except that I rode into Valentine and the entire town just lit me the fuck up. I heard a single shout, saw the WANTED pop up as I moved onto the main road, and before I could do anything (even stop my horse to figure out what was up) it was just a fucking wall of lead from both sides of the street. And dying still keeps your bounty which seems kind of insane.

I was also "witnessed" being a murderer after knocking out two guys, after they had killed someone, immediately after my first visit to Valentine and not having my horse with me.

A third bit happened right after a mission where I had to kill a bunch of gang members in some forest, and apparently some guy just happened to be enjoying a waltz through the same forest and stumbled across that corpseyard and ran off to the cops. In about 5 seconds. And the cops arrived about 5 more seconds later. In the middle of a forest. It was either the single luckiest witness to ever exist, or they had a cellphone and the cops had teleporters.

I do really enjoy the game otherwise, but that system just seems so touchy that I never want to do anything in-case it's somehow a crime.

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I think it's cool that folks on trains or out in the middle of nowhere have cell phones that they can call THE LAW with, but it's not historically accurate. I think they should double down and just give each sheriff access to drone strikes because fuck why try making the game fun to play at all?

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@bane said:
  • Overwrite autosave alert isn't necessary

Fun fact: this is a standards thing that comes directly from platform holders. There's a thick ass book of rules for stuff like this. It's why every game has the screen at the top that points out what the autosave icon looks at, and why they're so "are you suuuuure?" whenever you save. Even more fun, Sony, Microsoft, and (I imagine) Nintendo all have their own rules which can and do vary. It's not really practical to change subtle things like this for each individual platform, so usually all these little quirks get bundled together. My guess is that this is to limit the amount of phone calls they get from screaming people who accidentally overwrote 90 hours of gameplay.

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@bane: I very much agree on being able to clean guns/craft at camp. Doesn't make much sense why you cant.

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I have very few honest complaints about this game, for me it's a super pure good time and I've almost completely given up on the story halfway through Chapter 3 (not because I don't like it, but because all I want to do are challenges and hunts right now). That said...

I'm all for most of the cumbersome elements of this game's design, but the more I've played the weapon management just seems like they went too far. I spend a lot of my time riding around with two horses to maximize pelt/large carcass carrying and if I'm riding the secondary horse, Arthur doesn't stow his long arms since he doesn't have access to the full saddle bag. To me that's evidence that it wouldn't be that difficult to let Arthur keep carrying the weapons he's selected at all times and just makes it totally weird that he puts those weapons away after a time just because he's riding on a horse. He's not even selective about it - if you keep raising your rifle to auto-target and scan animals in the environment, he won't put away his bow, so the whole system seems clearly arbitrary.

Speaking of two horses, it's such a useful tactic for long hunts that it's a real bummer you can't take multiple horses out of the stable. I've only had one horse die in my playthrough and it was when I was trying to get a $250 bounty for the Bandit challenges so I always forget about the stables anyway, but I would probably think about them a little more if I could not only stow multiple horses in stables but bring multiple horses with me and just designate which is my main and which is my primary. Keep the one horse carries your saddle and the other doesn't, I don't mind that at all! But the few times I've lost my second horse because it got spooked and ran off or I accidentally put it back in the stable, it's seemed weird that I own multiple horses but the only way to traverse the world with more than one under my command is to go steal one or tame a wild one.

I'll be honest that part of the incentive to stalling on the story is that I lost Abigail, Jack and Sadie from my camp (but, oddly, not John) due to that glitch and I have a comic book for Jack so I'm hoping they can solve the issue soon and push out a patch. I know they've already singled out the issue so here's hoping it's less than a week until then. It doesn't seem especially uncommon so this is actually the highest on my priority list right now.

I think it would be a great help if you could hover over items on the map and it would tell you what the item was; Arthur marks down what vegetation is in a given area but without a key or a pop up it's essentially just adding business to the map. The animals are mostly easy enough to figure out what they are but the plants are a fool's errand (speaking of which, if anybody can name four locations for four different kinds of berries, I'm all ears - I've had 3 of 4 berries eaten for the first Herbalist challenge almost since the day the game came out).

This is lowest on my list of QOL things but I'm obsessed with collecting Premium Cigarettes since realizing they offer a dice roll on the cigarette cards...to the point I always have 20 packs and always have to smoke a pack to pick up a pack and check the card. It's kind of a fun ritual, but I also don't think I'd miss it at all if I could just burn a cigarette at the same time I pick up the pack.

I kind of wish in general that different regions had a checklist of animals discovered in that area; I have a side quest that is asking for really esoteric animal carcasses (cardinal, woodpecker and chipmunk, I think) that I've never come across despite de-fogging almost the entire map and there's really no in-game way to suss out where those creatures might be. A regional checklist of creatures seen and not seen, even if just question marks for the unseen, would at least give me something to work off of.

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A minor thing I'd like to see changed is how you can only walk in the camp. Really annoying.

Same with RDR, allow animal skinning animations to be skipped.

And this below happened to me last night right when I stumbled upon a gang hideout.

1. The gun thing is the only one that legitimately pisses me off. I see no reason why the game shouldn't remember what weapons I had equipped 20 seconds ago just because I happened to get off my horse.

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Fix the bugs, Bring the game out on PC, where we can use the F5 key for saving. Graphics will be so much better.

They would have to redo the whole game to fix the things that are annoying me...So I'll just roll with it. I finally got past a bug for the legendary Beaver...the side of the river your on seems to make a difference. Now I finally am enjoying the legendary hunts.

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New game plus is definitely needed since (endgame spoilers): I'd rather keep playing as Arthur and playing the story again (with my outfits and weapons) would be cool.

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I'd like new game plus too, and the ability to close coats and jackets like at the beginning of the game. Also wear a neckerchief without having to button up your shirt like the default outfit. Also as others have said, I hate how my weapon loadout changes for seemingly no reason and that should be addressed. I also wish kneecapping people or shooting them in the arms didn't kill them, with all the attention to detail it's weird that animals can survive that shit but people can't. Mostly all I'm really hoping for is some story DLC this time around, rather than the focus completely shifting to the online component like GTA V. I don't want any zombie shit, but hopefully some canon DLC focusing on a new character. They modeled some building in Mexico and I hope to god that isn't relegated to online.

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@haneybd87: I haven’t played it, but that’s my answer. I considered buying that Xbox version on the cheap from Walmart but ended up saying “fuck it” due to the narrative of “it’s amazing, but not fun” coupled with the HDR issue.

I love good HDR implementation.

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Does anyone know how I can refill my deadeye outer bar without tonics? Sleeping only ever fills it up about 3/4 of the way it can go.

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horse controls and how easy it is to get a bounty from tiny accidental things.

The worst thing was how annoying it was to always have to equip my guns. No matter how many times I set them it defaulted to guns I never used. It is extremely frustrating.

Oh also it can be very annoying to try and pick something up. I see a note on my damn bed but I cant get him to pick it up. It keeps picking rest or shave no matter how many times and ways I approach it.

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I understand why they went in the direction they did as far as fast travel goes, I enjoyed soaking the environment in and getting a full grasp of the amazing world they created. With that said..... I would damn near pay whatever you wanted at this point to just throw in a upgraded camp site like last game allowing fast travel from anywhere. Make it only available after story completed if need be. Rockstar you made a beautiful game, I applaud you.... I’ve put who knows how many hours in working towards 100%, I don’t need anymore scenic rides.

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@haneybd87: Killing enemies/animals without deadeye. Most people use chewing tobacco though. It’s cheap, refills your whole bar while buffing it for a while, you can hold a lot of it in your inventory, and it’s a very common lootable item.

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@shorap: Whoops! I just realized I asked in the wrong thread. But thanks for the reply!

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The horse inventory is officially an unnecessary complication. I was never that bothered by it when I was mostly focused on side tasks, but now that I’m trying to get through the story before these game of the year conversations take place across the internet im really getting tired of it.

It’s not even the guns for me but the superfluous decisions to make a horse’s inventory tied to life and death. Whatever Arthur puts in his satchel stays with him forever but anything on his horse is lost when he dies; it’s a completely inconsistent rule that hasn’t even always screwed me over because of you die during an actual mission you will keep the pelts, but if you die during a side activity you’ll lose them, or so it seems to me?

I’ve lost pelts because of an impromptu duel scenario i wasn’t prepared for, and kept them after being swallowed by a gator. I’ve been playing this game for so, so many hours and the fact I don’t have a complete handle on that system yet is bonkers to me.

I’m completely fine with the one big pelt rule, too. It’s fine riding out specifically on hunts with multiple horses in toe to collect pelts and carcasses, and on the rare occasion I’ve picked up big game during side missions and had to ditch that for something else it just felt like I was making a sacrifice. It’s the randomness of me dying and not knowing if I’ll get to keep my stuff or not that’s just unnecessarily stressful.

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Probably too ambitious for an update, but I would love to have the camp in RDR to have open slots where you could recruit NPCs with specific skills... the way State of Decay basebuilding works.

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@frostyryan: I just wrote them down on a piece of paper...

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Along this line, I simply do not understand why I have to craft every item individually and watch the animation for it. Sure, not too tedious when grilling up four servings of minty pork, but when I have to watch Arthur cut an X in 75 rounds of split point ammo, it makes me want to find something heavy to rest on the button so I can do something else for five minutes.

@monetarydread said:

I would like to see an option that disables the need for useless busywork, like cleaning your gun. Also I would like to see an option to disable certain animations/cut scenes, like skinning.

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#40 Posted by gorgarion1989 (1 posts) -

I would like to see a option to remove guns from horses. Kinda annoying flipping through all the guns you’ll never use. Maybe add a safe at camp for a option to store unwanted weapons.

Also would like to see a fix with the butcher. Tired of getting ripped off everyone I sell stuff. For example I’ll go to sell sometimes if I sell a single item, like a pelt it doesn’t register that the butcher took it. Until I sell a carcass or stacked items. Then it take the single but never pays me.

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