Which version of Red Dead 2 are you getting?

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Posted by MATATAT (1225 posts) 8 months, 2 days ago

Poll: Which version of Red Dead 2 are you getting? (243 votes)

Standard Edition 75%
Special Edition 16%
Ultimate Edition 8%

I know it's kinda silly and I'm a bit annoyed that I need to make a choice like this but I'm torn between getting just the standard edition and the special edition. Considering the special edition has extra game content, which Rockstar claims are just side missions with no story bearing, I still feel like it'd be nice to have the option to have them. It also doesn't sound like they'll be coming free later or there has been no such communication that this would be the case. But my guess is that this will be probably half an hour worth of content at best. I'll almost assuredly not get the ultimate edition.

So I'm wondering what everyone here is getting and why?

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#1 Posted by frytup (1316 posts) -

I'm pretty confident that just the main game will be more than enough Rockstar horsies and cowboys for me, so standard will do fine.

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#2 Posted by CrazyCarl (37 posts) -

Agreed, game looks to be packed with content. Standard version will be sufficient. I'll consider a more complete DLC package if/when it becomes available.

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#3 Posted by glots (4334 posts) -

Standard and the PS4 version. I have an X, but if by some crazy chance I want to try-out Red Dead Online one day, I'll have friends who own the game on PS4. Ain't no one who plays on Xbone. Plus I trust that the differences between Pro and X ain't anything that dramatic.

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#4 Posted by xanadu (2045 posts) -

@glots: don't think it's been completely confirmed but there was news out there that the game is targeting native 4k on the x.

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#5 Posted by frytup (1316 posts) -

X1X thermal design is a bigger deal to me than whether or not they can pull off stable 4K/30. I get really sick of listening to the PS4 turbojet fan.

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#6 Posted by pompouspizza (1563 posts) -

@frytup: 1000% this! I have both a pro and an X and I would never consider getting the PS4 version despite the early dlc. The PS4 will undoubtedly sound like it’s launching into the stratosphere while running this game.

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#7 Posted by BoOzak (2596 posts) -

Special Edition, only because it comes bundled with the X1X. I have no idea what the extras are, shark cards?

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#8 Posted by flippyandnod (758 posts) -

Red Dead 2 came out in 2010 and in only one version (per platform).

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#9 Posted by bson (61 posts) -

I would like the extra missions and outfits ...but I hate gameplay boosts, cash bonuses, in-game discounts, free weapons etc. It's basically cheating and breaking the way the game was balanced.

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#10 Posted by BoOzak (2596 posts) -
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#11 Posted by Rorie (5786 posts) -

Going to wait and see on a PC version before deciding, myself. Wish they would announce it already but I'm hoping for something in early 2019. Maybe they'll just throw it out in that packed February window just to make stuff fun.

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#12 Posted by pauljeremiah (225 posts) -

Ultimate Edition for me on PS4, I had €100 saved up for it since the first trailer came out.

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#13 Posted by MerxWorx01 (862 posts) -

The special editions just seem to have extra outfits and camps plus DLC which will probably be cheaper later on once it is actually out (I'm not even going to mention the GTA5 currency that's included because wtf.) Doesn't seem worth it. Standard seems fine.

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#14 Posted by BaneFireLord (3568 posts) -

Standard edition. I've never bought a special edition for any game and never plan to.

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#15 Posted by Zombette (16 posts) -

My bank account decided the extras weren't worth it, even though it kills a little because I love a good special edition.

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#16 Posted by doctordonkey (1827 posts) -

I actually actively dislike special editions of games that give you an advantage early on. It ruins the difficulty curve in the early hours. The only time I consider it are games like Shadow of Mordor, where the bonus cosmetics look better than the default.

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#17 Posted by pompouspizza (1563 posts) -

@doctordonkey: was the preorder bonus for Mordor the cloak outfit? It was a much better look than the default.

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#18 Edited by John1912 (2504 posts) -

I never buy anything but standard. At best I would get collectors if it came with a bunch of cool shit, but not a single one has ever gotten my purchase. Nor do I see it ever happening. Dont get me wrong some of it looks really cool, but just not my thing to collect stuff I dont need. Ryu statue, and that statue they gave out for Cyber Punk 2077 are pretty cool though.

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#19 Posted by berfunkle (185 posts) -

@rorie: I think for R*, there's hope of double dipping by gamers who cave-in and buy the console version in the near term and buy the PC version later on for the better graphics. Not bad business practice if this is their intent, but I won't lie that it irks me a bit.

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#20 Posted by Rorie (5786 posts) -

@berfunkle: I wouldn't be surprised if this is a bit behind their idea of not announcing it yet! But I can wait. I have willpower.

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#21 Posted by Seauton (184 posts) -

I'm getting the standard edition that comes bundled with the PS4 Pro. Finally upgrading and looking forward to it.

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#22 Posted by meaninoflife42 (677 posts) -

The Ultimate Edition (because I’m an idiot who likes extra content for games that look good.)

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#23 Posted by nutter (2146 posts) -

I go standard in most cases these days. I only go more if I’m feeling REALLY good about that extra content, or REALLY want to support a game that might have a hard time on the market.

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#24 Posted by lund218 (34 posts) -

Standard version! If I love it that much, most of the special edition things end up being part of a season pass with games these days. If I don’t love it, then hey, I saved myself a decent chunk of money

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#25 Posted by TheManWithNoPlan (7837 posts) -

Standard I suppose, as I think that's what comes with the Ps4 pro bundle I got.

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#26 Posted by doctordonkey (1827 posts) -

@doctordonkey: was the preorder bonus for Mordor the cloak outfit? It was a much better look than the default.

It was, yeah. Dark Ranger looks infinitely better than the default Talion outfit.

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#27 Posted by mclakers (138 posts) -

Ultimate, because IDK, I just want the best package available. Plus my son likes playing gta online, so i figured the extra boost will help. Cant wait. 1 more day

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#28 Posted by Mamba219 (267 posts) -

Whatever version's available in 2-3 years for $20

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#29 Edited by kingjulesxii (95 posts) -

Ultimate Edition because I'm a fool and already planning on dipping into Red Dead online with the homies

Can't wait for them sweet, sweet XB1X 4K visuals

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#30 Posted by Rebel_Scum (1442 posts) -

Standard and digital even though the physical copy was cheaper by $30. It's a shame the map is only bundled in with the special/ultimate editions.

The side mission content in the special edition to me isn't worth another $30 bucks on top of the $30 I paid for convenience.

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