Are you buying Red Dead Redemtion?

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#1 Posted by Organicalistic_ (3092 posts) -
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#2 Posted by CL60 (17117 posts) -

Hell yes!

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#3 Posted by Mmmslash (2227 posts) -

I am a combination of choices A and B.

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#4 Posted by ProfessorEss (7957 posts) -

I clicked B, but A & B for me.

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#5 Posted by Organicalistic_ (3092 posts) -

wow, i guess i posted all options, 16 views and no comments

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#6 Posted by btman (1114 posts) -

Yes because it looks like a good game. never played the first one and not really into westerns that much thats why i chose  Other

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#7 Posted by Rizla (131 posts) -

I love a good sandbox but between Infamous, GTA IV  and Red faction I was a little sand boxed out... this is a fresh back drop for this game mechanic, looking forward to it. 

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#8 Posted by Warfare (1683 posts) -
@CL60 said:
" Hell yes! "

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#9 Edited by Kyreo (4682 posts) -
@organicalistic_ said:

" wow, i guess i posted all options, 16 views and no comments "

You didn't put:  Yes, because the game looks awesome and I've never played any other Red Deads. 
Which is what I'd've clicked.
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#10 Edited by Icemael (6860 posts) -

I was going to, but then Demon's Souls Black Phantom Edition was announced for release here in Europe. 
I'll probably pick it up later on, though. It looks sweet.

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#11 Posted by Potter9156 (956 posts) -

Loved the first Red Dead, and this one looks doubly awesome. Therefore it is a must buy. Also, Free Roam. I know most people hated GTA IV Free Roam, but I loved it and still play it. More Free Roam is good.

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#12 Posted by SpaceInsomniac (5953 posts) -

I plan to buy it because the game looks beautiful, and the mutliplayer seems like it could be loads of fun.

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#13 Posted by trophyhunter (6038 posts) -

I'll buy it for cheap

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#14 Posted by NickLott (833 posts) -

i'm buying the game because it's looking good from what i've seen of it. If some of the early previews or reviews turns particularly bad, I'd cancel my preorder but so far, it's looking good. 

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#15 Posted by Th3_James (2613 posts) -

Love GTA. loved the first, liked gun, and this game has amazing visuals and euphoria physics like GTA:IV

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#16 Posted by TheHT (14311 posts) -

the more i see, especially that multiplayer free roam, the more i want it. hmm.

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#17 Posted by xXShnookXx (29 posts) -

Most definitely. More excited about this game then any other this year so far.
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#18 Posted by DanielJW (4933 posts) -

I am not buying it because I do not care.

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#19 Posted by Dustpan (1781 posts) -

We really need a "good" western game. I will totally be getting this.

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#20 Posted by TheFreeMan (2712 posts) -

I'm on the fence about renting or buying but I'm thinking I'm gonna buy it. I love Western movies. A good Western game is a dream come true.

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#21 Posted by mrfizzy (1663 posts) -

option B but i will still wait for reviews before buying it, on the off chance that it fails terribly. 

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#22 Posted by DystopiaX (5661 posts) -

I'm buying it because it looks awesome, an option which isn't on there. Preordered from Amazon cause i have a gift card from them. after they send me a $10 giftcard AND a preorder bonus (golden guns pack) I will only have paid around $20 for it. Freaking awesome.

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#23 Posted by LiquidElite (97 posts) -

ive been waiting for a good western game. i rented the first one but this one looks a million times better. this one heres been countin down the days :P

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#24 Posted by 234r2we232 (3175 posts) -

Nah. I bought GTA IV and felt cheated out of fun. This seems to be more of the same.

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#25 Posted by yakov456 (2021 posts) -

Other for me, I love open world/free roaming games. Can't wait to play.

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#26 Edited by GeneralTurkle (346 posts) -

You don't really give my sort of choice, but the game is starting to look really promising. I will pick it up for sure

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#27 Posted by Grabber51 (3 posts) -

It really does look awesome. I'm buying because it seems to be more of a GTA IV period piece than any sort of sequel to the other Red Dead games. Rockstar's brand of free-roam gamplay and storytelling in a more rural setting really has me excited to finally play it. It feels like it won't disappoint.

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#28 Edited by CptBedlam (4513 posts) -

I really wonder how sales will turn out for this game. The gaming community seems to be pretty hyped but how will the casual customer respond? Rockstar needs to have TV ads for this game.
This is the kind of game that should've been advertised at the super bowl, not Dante's effin Inferno.

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#29 Posted by sopranosfan (1965 posts) -

As long as it gets pretty good reviews I will buy it pretty soon after release.  Unfortunately I am saving money right now so I am not for sure if it will be May, June, or July but I will get it.

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#30 Posted by Organicalistic_ (3092 posts) -

I will be buying it because i loved the first game but i am not into B.

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#31 Posted by Arkasai (734 posts) -

I'm quite interested in it actually.  Which is odd because I didn't play or have any interest in the first game.  The online stuff might actually be fun if people are into it.

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#32 Posted by Phantom_Crash (304 posts) -
  • Looks good.
  • Its from Rock Star.
  • Lever action rifles are awesome.
  • Drink whiskey and get into fights.
  • Saves lusty maidens.
  • News paper for toilet paper.
  • The only problem I can see is that ITS NOT ON PC.
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#33 Posted by weegieanawrench (1965 posts) -

I'm getting it because it looks wonderfully pieced together. A very good blend of gameplay, graphics, and style. So yes indeedy-do I will be picking this up.

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#34 Posted by InfiniteGeass (2150 posts) -

I don't really much care for the whole western setting, so I think I'll pass.

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#35 Posted by RIDEBIRD (1261 posts) -

H. I can't get it, because I have no consoles. I am dying to play it after recently starting up Episodes from Liberty City on PC and remembering that GTA IV was pretty damn great after all. 
Will buy it day one if it comes for PC. 

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#36 Posted by RenegadeOne (12 posts) -

I am buying it because the game looks like it is pure awesome.

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#37 Posted by Ravenousrattler (1420 posts) -

I picked B. I like westerns, but they just haven't got it right in videogames yet. Hopefully red dead redemption will put all those other games to shame.

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#38 Posted by TotalEklypse (982 posts) -

hell yea. big free roam online so i can form a posse of friends to go and commit bad things. who the hell wouldnt get that shit?
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#39 Posted by shadows_kill (3094 posts) -

im buying it........ just later on.......

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#40 Posted by Organicalistic_ (3092 posts) -
@InfiniteGeass: rent the first one, i hate western too, but i loved the 1st
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#41 Posted by Iceman2913 (542 posts) -

I want to get it, but I have a huge ass back log of games I haven't beat in 2008 but it comes out around my b-day so I might go ahead

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#42 Posted by kalmis (1745 posts) -

Don't remember the first game too well but I am sure I played. Got this pre-ordered

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#43 Edited by grugvoth (96 posts) -

I chose option G since I need to see how the gunplay works out. Since it is the same engine as GTA IV it needs to be improved from that, as in will I be able to chose who I want to shoot faster rather than waiting a second every time I move from target to target.

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#44 Posted by MrSnow (1300 posts) -

Angry Cap lock shouting.

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#45 Posted by AhmadMetallic (19301 posts) -
@CL60 said:
" Hell yes! "
that sums it up
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#46 Posted by Red12b (9360 posts) -
@Kyreo said:
" @organicalistic_ said:

" wow, i guess i posted all options, 16 views and no comments "

You didn't put:  Yes, because the game looks awesome and I've never played any other Red Deads.  Which is what I'd've clicked. "
I clicked B but I would have preferred this as an option, 
Considering the amount of Polls you have created and the amount of ridiculous options you have given us in the past, I am quite disappointed by this fact. 
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#47 Posted by myslead (953 posts) -

there's no "I'm going to buy because the game looks awesome?"

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#48 Posted by Sn1PeR (153 posts) -

I really want this on the PC...  I don't know if I can wait 6-12months, but I will for sure wait and see if it runs smoothly on the console.  I was not happy with the performance of GTA4 on consoles (or anything less than a supercomputer pc for that matter).

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#49 Posted by zombie2011 (5502 posts) -

Your polls are so retarded, a simple Yes or No would have sufficed. 
On topic: i'll be buy Red Dead and Alan Wake on the 18th.

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#50 Posted by Illmatic (1380 posts) -

The whole outlaw possibilities of this game is what won me over. Heck, all I read was bandana on face and I was in.

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