Boned up the Mexico song

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That didn't happen to me on the 360 version, but it did on the PS3 one.

Now I have faith in Microsoft to deliver what the consumer really wants

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I got too into the moment and got bucked off my horse halfway through the song, it really sucked that the song stopped. I was much more careful during the second song cue though and man, was that a great moment. Who the hell doesn't like the Mexico section by the way? You meet Landon Ricketts there, goddamn Ricketts!

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I played through this a few weeks ago for a 2nd playthrough since it's release, and I was excited because I had missed this Mexico scene my 1st time.

i'm on the raft mission and i'm pumped!

the raft portion ends and we're on land and i'm on that horse and... just Instinctively I get off the shitty mission horse and call my Good horse.... the very second I press the dismount button I go;

"oh shit..... oh FUCK! was that the thing that made it not happen?! no, of course not, how could Rockstar not think people would call their own horse when they give you a better one in a story mission earlier on, it's just common sense right?"

then I rode up the hill because I figured maybe it starts once you take in the horizon or something, because I had never witnessed the scene before I didn't realize it was supposed to start immediately... and then I was an autosave too late :/

EDIT: oh, and my 1st playthrough was on my 360, this 2nd time was on PS3

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#55 Posted by Milkman (18931 posts) -

I feel like, as with most things in Red Dead Redemption, my reaction was "that was pretty cool but I'm not sure what's so amazing about it." /shrug

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