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 One thing I have to give to red dead is right off the bat there are some great likable characters which really help move along the story. John Marston (sp) is quite a great character too, I did not expect him to be so civil and well spoken rather than macho cowboy speak of f*** this and that. I kind of feel that was the problem with GTA4 (while still being a great game) some people liked niko while others did not. Also with all the side characters not many were very likeable because one they were shady from the beginning so you did not care for them too much or two they were a little too silly for you to really like. The only character from GTA other then niko and roman that I cared for was little Jacob.  Anyway what are your  thoughts and is anyone else feeling the same way.

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brucie was cool but i did not really care what happened to him. He was more or less the comedy relief in my eyes.
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I think the characters in both of these games are great. I think that GTA IV had a better overall cast though.

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Yup, the characters right off the bat are very likable. That particular mission with Bonnie was pretty impactful (for something early in the game).

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Having just got to Mexico, I kinda miss Bonnie and Dickens. I hope they show up again somewhere.

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but could you just imagine the hilarity that would be a brucie seth crab knife battle. 
ill generate the backdrop of the confrontation. seth finally found some treasure. but it turns out the treasure is just badger steroids. brucie got wind and is now standing between seth and the chest. seth a blood rage over the chest treasure cock block becomes enraged. and grabs his knife and two passing crabs that wandered into town from the nearby shoreline. brucie only having a single knife claims that seths crabs make it an unfair fight. seth agrees and tosses a crab to brucie...... a large crowd has gathered around the two.....the clock strikes noon.
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Yeah, I really like the writing for Marston's lines. The mellow attitude is refreshing. 
Usually laidback characters are also lazy in game writing.

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I've always found Rockstar to be the king of casts and Red Dead so far is shaping up to be the best yet.
I find even when the plot and motivation gets a little shakey it doesn't really matter because the dialogue writing is so absolutely top-notch.

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