Game Breaking Bugs?

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I have this on 360.  When not installed, it runs ok.  I've gotten a weird glitch a couple of times where it won't bring up the map/menu/anything and I have to quit to the dashboard and then restart it, but other than it, it's fine.  But when I install it, it crashes almost instantly with several different glitches every time.  Anyone else getting weird problems like that?

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I can't get past the main menu into the game. Freezes everytime.  I've gotten to the cutscene one time, but it froze quickly.  I've installed it to the hard drive too.  Sucks because I ordered it off Amazon. Now it's gonna be a pain in the ass to exchange it and it probably won't even help
NOTE: All my other games work fine, so I'm leaning towards it not being a hardware issue.

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PS3 version has it's share of bugs as well.  I've only had one occur that was significant where my game just quit out by itself.  I was playing, the screen went black, and I was back at the PS3 menu.  Only happened once.
More-so there are bugs in MP with your character completely disappearing for no apparent reason in free roam.  Gotta quit out of the game and join again to fix it it seems. 

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#4 Posted by President_Barackbar (3610 posts) -

This is all pretty typical day one bug stuff. I have faith that a patch is on its way.

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#5 Posted by Sanryd (1443 posts) -

After trying multiple times to link my Social Club account and failing, I tried joining some friends sessions that were already going on, and it failed overtime at that as well. Then, it proceeded to perpetually show the loading screen until I quit to the dashboard. Fun game, though.

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I can't access my preoder content, every time it tries to access the Rockstar servers it times out. Aside from that I've had a few freezes and occasional stutters. While this game doesn't give the impression of being held together technically by super-glue like other games with the same symptoms, it still needs a few more patches. Aside from that I've had no issues so far. 

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I had to reload the game and lose a ton of progress because the button interface stopped appearing on my screen.  This is the second time now, not to mention the variety of other bugs I've experienced so far.

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I got into a stage couch and paid to take off and then it wouldn't go, nor would it let me get out.

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i accepted a duel in armadillo, went to the duel spot screen went black music kept playing and i couldn't even go to the PS menu cause the PS button didn't even work, had to restart the console, that's the only thing that happened to me so far, been playing bugless so far
Allen :p

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