Probably most disappointing multiplayer of all time

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Not because the game is a shitty game or anything like that, but because the game was so incredible, so much fun, and so immersive and then they give us this half-assed multiplayer freeroam that had none of the outstanding features of the singleplayer game- Living, breathing world, random events, moving trains, lively saloons, better camera- and just felt like an overall bust to me. Two years later me and my friends decided to put our discs back in the 360 to give this game a go one more time and now I find myself continuing to be jaded by Red Dead Redemption's multiplayer. Even with all of the expansions it still feels empty, lifeless, and boring in multiplayer. Even the Undead expansion disappoints me because although we've got an outstanding idea- zombies in the wild west- for multiplayer they give us more HORDE MODE like every other game out there.

I know the game has been out for awhile, but playing it again reminded me of how crushed I was to log into multiplayer only to find the only real thing to do was use auto-aim to kill other players for 10 minutes until getting bored. Even the coop missions provided get old after the first two times done. I really wish they had let me rob trains with my friends in the freeroam and go into a lively, bustling saloon with the piano music playing only to sit down and play a game of poker with my posse.

Anyone else felt this way about the game when they first played it? Anyone still coming back to it and feeling like there should've been way more than what we got for multiplayer? It wouldn't make me so upset if I didn't love the game already, so it's not one of those "if you don't like it, don't play it" kind of scenarios, it's more of the "I really like this game and wanted to see it do better than it has".

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I came for the single player. I didn't even touch the multiplayer.

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Um, yeah, whatever. Time to put the cursor over the Post Reply and get out of here.

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2 years too late

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I had issues with multiplayer for different reasons in this game.

I agree though, the multiplayer in this is disappointing.

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Just picked this up again this week and have really been enjoying the multiplayer, actually.

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I literally checked the time of this post, and laughed when I found out it was made today. Seriously dude? Griping the multiplayer now? Honestly, it's not half bad, and the fact you're complaining about it years later is sort of funny

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#9 Posted by addictedtopinescent (3634 posts) -

Tried the multiplayer once, never bothered with it again.

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#10 Posted by Justin258 (14484 posts) -

@Claude said:

I came for the single player. I didn't even touch the multiplayer.

That. I've had the game for a few months now and haven't even touched the multiplayer.

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I can't say I was surprised when I first played it. Rockstar absolutely has terrible multiplayer in its games. Seriously, GTA IV and RDR's multiplayer was so bad, it was insulting.

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#12 Posted by Jothel (1017 posts) -

This game had multiplayer?

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#13 Posted by Encephalon (1727 posts) -

I guess it would be disappointing if you expected above average multiplayer in a Rockstar game.

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#14 Posted by PeasantAbuse (5098 posts) -

My friends and I just harassed other people and then would head north to fight bears and climb mountains. Fun stuff.

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That honor goes to GTA 4, the multiplayer in that sucked.

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@PeasantAbuse said:

My friends and I just harassed other people and then would head north to fight bears and climb mountains. Fun stuff.

This is pretty much what I did with my buddy as well. We managed to get people to join our group and ended up becoming this unstoppable force that went from town to town killing everyone and everything.

Good times.

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#17 Posted by CaptainTightPants (2833 posts) -

I enjoyed the multiplayer, the deathmatch and Co-Op "raid" things were fun. The zombie survival in Undead Nightmare was a TON of fun.

I really love the GTA IV multiplayer though, I jumped into that a few months ago for the first time and I had a blast with that.

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#18 Posted by Psycrowtik (6 posts) -

Honestly, I think you're just a scrub complaining because he probably gets wrecked all the time in multiplayer. L2P noob

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#19 Posted by Rohok (581 posts) -

@Psycrowtik said:

Honestly, I think you're just a scrub complaining because he probably gets wrecked all the time in multiplayer. L2P noob

Too bad you use hacks when we play, SCRUB.

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I thought the multiplayer was pretty competent and I liked it. However, RDR does seem to attract a special breed of griefing asshole that can make some sessions a chore.

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Rockstar should just avoid multiplayer, GTA's was horrible as well.

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@Dad_Is_A_Zombie said:

I thought the multiplayer was pretty competent and I liked it. However, RDR does seem to attract a special breed of griefing asshole that can make some sessions a chore.

Again, it was disappointing, not bad.

Disappointing because with all of the awesome things Red Dead Redemption had, we instead got lifeless ghost towns and no real compelling reasons to play it continuously. I was hoping to have lively saloons and bustling streets like in the singleplayer, or random events and such.

That's what I was talking about, not really the gameplay, the mechanics, or anything like that. Just the atmosphere, the environment, the set pieces, all of that which made singleplayer really fun and enjoyable.

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#23 Posted by TEHMAXXORZ (1190 posts) -

I enjoyed the multiplayer actually, I like the freedom style of the free roam, being allowed to team up with people and either hold out against the law men or go on hunts. The deathmatch type stuff wasn't great, but I still have an enjoyable match every once in a while. I don't particularly care that the zombie mode is like every other survival mode out there, I still like it. This is still a matter of opinion, but I didn't find it dissapointing.

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The singleplayer was what I played that game for, but I wish it would of had more things to do in the free roam. TDM and CTF in that game just didn't interest me a bit. I wanted to rob trains, race horses and gamble, which they did add in later DLC, but should've been in there to begin with.

EDIT: Also Lassos.

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#25 Posted by konig_kei (966 posts) -

Free roam was fun if you played with friends doing the hideouts n stuff. Plus I really wanted that cow mount or whatever it was.

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#26 Posted by BBQBram (2483 posts) -

I played way too much of it and still occasionally do, so you're telling the wrong guy. I think it's asking a bit much to expect all of the radiant life and events of the single player in a sixteen player lobby.

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I had some fun clearing out the hideouts in Free Roam, but everything else about that mode was very unappealing to me. I had to use the slow donkey as transport because of my low level and I kept getting sniped from miles away by people hiding out in mountains. I actually had a better time with the more focused game modes like team deathmatch, which was the exact opposite in GTA IV.

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I loved it all. I loved just screwing about in the world, getting into random shoot outs everywhere or heading to that fort and setting up a defensive position against the authorities. I loved the competitive side, too. It wasn't particularly deep nor original, but I was such a fan of the shooting that I still inevitably put up a silly amount of hours just in the competitive alone. The coop missions were fun, playing as the main characters was great and playing online poker was also surprisingly enjoyable. The zombie horde mode was a blast, despite its derivative nature, and that Land Grab addition in free-roam inspired a lot of hectic firefights.

The only one problem i had was trying to connect with other players always forced my NAT to have a hissy fit. So many times where I'd join a match and leave within the same 2 seconds. Plus RDR is one such multiplayer component that I played enough of and was also good at, that I received my fair share of death threats and 'hack' accusations. <3 I distinctly remember some mexican guy who said he was going to find me and feed me to his dogs after consistently being matched up with and beating him everytime.

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The free roam is incredible with friends.

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