Should I Play This Game??

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The reason I ask is because of my history with past Rockstar games. I loved GTA 3...until I got close to the end and got bored. Vice City, same, never did finish it. San Andreas was just bad IMO.  
Recently I bought GTA 4 on a sales rack, and I played it thinking "yeah, this is a little better, less driving around for nothing, god love cabs". But now the phone calls and friends...well i'm stopped again. Do you people feel I will get the same feeling with this game? I'm not the hardcore gamer i once was frankly, and between hockey, dating and what not, I need to be choosy... 
So tell me community, should I pick up a copy of this game and give it a go? Or should I just go straight to LA Noir? (I love adventure games)

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#2 Posted by OllyOxenFree (5015 posts) -

Just by reading your post alone I'm going to have to say.... no. And no on L.A. Noire as well.

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I found it boring, you should just play L.A. Noire

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L.A Noire might be more appropriate since it's set between chapters, so you can casually go through the game a chapter whenever you're ready. Plus L.A Noire will be made all the better if you happen to get bored just before the ending cases... 
RDR's a huge sink of time, and even while I love that game to death and beyond, even I found it to get kinda repetitive and a bit boring occasionally. And that is a game where you have to play to the end to really get the full impact from it.

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I'd say yes, but only if you're going to finish it, because it is pretty lengthy.

L.A Noire is probably easier if you're going to be playing every now and again because it's in cases

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#6 Posted by Grissefar (2904 posts) -

No. It's not for you.

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I'd think you're in the best position to know that, especially with your track record of similar games from the same stable. If you've not played it yet then there's probably a reason and I'd stick with your gut feeling.

( It's awesome though )

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RDR is a pretty special game, it nails the feel of western movies.  If the idea of that appeals go for it... if not, stay away.
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just buy Gun(Neversoft game) for like 2$ get on a horse  and run aimlessly for hours. Pretty much what red dead is. oh and if you want a story  , pause the game and switch over to amc channel every 20 minutes.

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#10 Posted by DillonWerner (1609 posts) -

Doesn't sound like it is for you.

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Yeah doesn't sound like you enjoy some good random open world fun, so RDR isn't for you 
i can't stomach L.A. Noire and its gathering dust on my shelf so i cant help you there.

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Buy it. It's awesome and you can knife a grizzly bear to death.

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#13 Posted by DAFTPUNK (1307 posts) -

Buy it

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#14 Posted by Afroman269 (7440 posts) -

If you want to.

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