Using a downloaded Game Save with Red Dead Redemption

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Hey guys, This topic has been posted by someone on Gamespot before and is now a locked thread so I can't reply there. Basically I am also trying to use a 100% completion game save as i really dont have the time replay the whole game after my PS3 crashed and I lost my Save Game Files for Red Dead Redemption. I found some game save files on Gamefaqs but I can't use them for my PS3. There's a error message that pops up when i try use the downloaded save because it belongs to another user. I still have all my trophies for RDR because PSN saves them so I don't care about getting my trophies back. I just want to hone up my skills again for multiplayer and Undead Nightmare.I just want a 100% Story Mode Game save file to work! Don't think that's going to happen though as some people said that Rockstar made it so we can't use Game Save Files for RDR. Any suggestions? Is this still possible to do? Thanks! Here are replys to someone else's thread on Gamespot: Sonorous_Jon1S8 Posted 9/27/2010 5:13:25 PM RDR saves can no longer be shared. Might as well play through with cheats. realizment Posted 9/27/2010 6:47:17 PM Damn that sucks for single player use. Multiplayer i understand but single player. WHACK!!!!! sandyandskip Posted 9/28/2010 12:01:29 AM This is what happens when everyone cries for trophies (not necessarily you TC, but the community in general). Since there are SP trophies to be earned, you can't have access to someone elses game points. Just the way a trophy based system works.

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You can't use someone else's save file. There's nothing we can do. You're just going to have to play through the game.

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