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    Red Dead Revolver

    Game » consists of 8 releases. Released May 26, 2005

    A third-person shooter that tells the story of bounty hunter Red Harlow and his bloody quest for vengeance across America's Wild West.

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    Red Harlow
    Red Harlow

    Red Dead Revolver is a third-person shooter developed by Rockstar San Diego and originally published by Rockstar Games (by Capcom in Japan) in 2004. Set in the American Wild West during the 1880s, players initially assume the role of a stoic bounty hunter named Red Harlow as he dispenses frontier justice to wanted criminals while also seeking vengeance for the murders of both of his parents many years prior.

    Rockstar San Diego's 2010 open world title Red Dead Redemption is considered the spiritual successor to Red Dead Revolver. Though Redemption softens both the arcade-style action and over-the-top themes prevalent in Revolver, both games share many similarities such as the "Dead Eye" targeting mechanic. Eight characters from Red Dead Revolver, including Red himself, reappear in Redemption as multiplayer skins available as paid downloadable content.


    The game takes a level structure, comprising of around 24 levels. For the most part, the player takes control of Red Harlow, out to get revenge for his parents' murder, only the player also takes control of Annie Stoakes, Jack Swift, Shadow Wolf, a Buffalo Soldier and General Diego for certain levels.

    Whilst most of the game takes place on foot, there are instances where Red is on horseback. The player controls these segments in much the same way as when Red is on foot.

    In addition to the single player campaign, which lasts roughly 8 or 9 hours, there are a few multiplayer modes;

    • Bounty Hunter - Standard death match with card game-influenced titles.
    • Sundown - Similar to Bounty Hunter, but with a time limit rather than a stock of lives.
    • High Noon

    This last game mode is unique to Red Dead Revolver. It is the archetypal gun "duel" in which 1-4 players must quickly draw and kill all the remaining characters before they are killed themselves. Duels consist of pulling the character's hand down to the holster using the Right Stick and then bringing it back up once the gun has been drawn. If the player draws the hand back too early, they will not have grasped the revolver and therefore cannot shoot.

    There is a large amount of characters to play as who can be unlocked by competing challenges in the story mode. Each character has unique abilities which are particularly evident in High Noon. It features two players in a slow-motion quick-draw where a targeting reticule runs across their body and goes from green to yellow and red. Yellow means a powerful shot, red is near-fatal, and green is a miss. While drawing and shooting first gives a distinct advantage, patience and accuracy are key to winning.


    Throughout the game you can buy or acquire many different weapons, all dating back to the old west. Here are all of the weapons in the game.

    Side Arms

    • Old Pistol
    • Six Shooter
    • Twin Revolvers
    • Revolver
    • Inquisitor
    • Widowmaker
    • Scorpion Revolver
    • Pacificador

    Long Arms

    • Halcon Rifle
    • Owl Rifle
    • Repeater Rifle
    • High Caliber Rifle
    • Bayonet Rifle
    • The Oppressor
    • 12 Gauge Shotgun
    • Sawn-Off Shotgun
    • Escopeta (Spanish for shotgun)
    • Zwei Fasser (German for two barrels)
    • The Lion
    • Breech Loader


    • Knife
    • Fire Bottle
    • Dynamite
    • Bow and Arrow
    • Snake Oil


    Chapter 2

    Bloody Tom

    Formerly a butcher in an unknown town, now wanted for butchering humans. Uses a pistol in combat.

    Gregg "Big Oaf" Whitney

    Formerly a doctor from Scotland. Put his scalpels down in favor of throwing knives and a rifle.

    George "Little Oaf" Whitney

    Big Oaf's son. Not much for brains, but can pulverize a man with his bare fists. Fights with a pistol, but will rush in close to attack with powerful punches.

    Chapter 3


    Member of the Ugly Gang. Called so because he never fights in the open. Always takes cover wherever he can find it. Fights with a six shooter and dynamite that explodes on contact.

    "Hedgehog" Thornton

    Member of the Ugly Gang. Called so because of his prickly personality. Fights with a shotgun.

    William "Whiskey" Treadwell

    Member of the Ugly Gang. He is the first bounty in the game to be challenged in a duel.

    Charlie "Gigolo" Hancock

    Member of the Ugly Gang. Called so because no woman finds him attractive. Fights with dual revolvers.

    "Ugly" Chris Baily

    The hideously disfigured leader of the Ugly Gang. Fights with a six shooter, and will take hostages as human shields.

    Chapter 4

    Roberto Pedrosa

    After announcing that he and his gang are hijacking the train for robbery, he is dueled by Red.

    "Smiley" Fawler

    A train robber, skilled in throwing knives.


    A train robber who has taken the engineer hostage.

    Harry "Hatchet" Shulz

    A train robber who guards the outside of a train from horseback with a rifle.

    Chapter 5

    No bounties

    Chapter 6

    "Pig" Josh

    Former demolition expert in the Civil War, now a dynamite handler in Professor Perry's circus. Fights by charging opponents and blowing himself up, while being protected from his own blast.

    Chapter 7

    Clyde "The Blade" Slade

    An acrobat in Professor Perry's circus. Runs fast, jumps high and throws knives that travel as fast as bullets. Fought by Jack.

    Lightning LaRouche

    A fire eater in Professor Perry's circus. Fights with a revolver, but will blow fire at anyone who gets too close to him. Fought by Jack.

    Atlas Jones

    A strongman in Professor Perry's circus. His lead shield makes him nearly invincible from frontal attacks, allowing him to get close and strike with brass knuckles. Fought by Jack.

    Professor Perry

    The ringmaster of his own circus. A talented magician who is able to teleport short distances and spews snake oil at anyone foolish enough to get close to him. He can even use snake oil to heal himself. Fought by Jack.

    Chapter 8

    Sidney "Sissy" Fess

    A large, monster of a man who is first seen hurling boulders at Red. Later, he is challenged in a duel.

    "Bad" Bessie

    Former prostitute. Took up the life of an outlaw after being harassed one to many times. Fights with a bullwhip and a six shooter.

    Chapter 9

    Jesse Lynch

    A mass murderer who survived his own hanging. Challenges Red to a duel.

    Chapter 10

    Mr. Black

    Formerly an undertaker, it seems that everyone who meets him meets an untimely end as well. Rumor has it that he is already dead and risen from the grave, harvesting souls for the devil. Fights with a gatling gun that he carries around in the coffin on his back.

    Chapter 11


    Cattle rustler who attacks Annie Stoakes's ranch.


    Another cattle rustler who attacks Annie's ranch.


    An outlaw who is hired to destroy Annie's ranch. Rides atop a wild buffalo. Fights with a lasso and a rifle.


    Helps Buff to destroy Annie's property. Also rides a buffalo. Fights with duel pistols

    Chapter 12

    "Dapper" Dan

    A local barfly who is often seen with his older brother. Fights with a broken bottle and a widowmaker revolver. Is fought in a duel by Red.


    "Dapper" Dan's older brother. Doesn't take kindly to folk who mess with his family. Fights with a pacificador pistol, throws barrels of whiskey and bullrushes.

    Chapter 13

    No bounties in chapter 13

    Chapter 14

    No bounties in chapter 14

    Chapter 15


    One of the leader's of the Black Elk tribe. Grizzly is a large man in bear skin who growls like an actual bear. Able to jump unnaturally high and far, Grizzly is difficult to hit and can easily dispatch opponents with his knives. Anyone close to him will get eviscerated by his bear claw gloves. Fought by Shadow Wolf.

    Chapter 16

    Sergio, Ennio and Eli

    Soldiers who guard an illegal mining operation. Challenged by Red in a duel, all at once.

    Chapter 17


    A soldier who guards an illegal mining operation. Fights with dual revolvers and firebottles. Is able to heal his partner, Tony.


    A soldier who guards an illegal mining operation. Fights with a rifle and snake oil. Is able to heal his partner, Ted.

    Chapter 18

    No bounties in chapter 18.

    Chapter 19

    No bounties in chapter 19.

    Chapter 20

    Colonel Daren

    A corrupt US military man who had crossed paths with Red years before. Having lost his left arm, he fights with a pistol and with a cannon that is grafted into the place of his missing arm.

    Chapter 21

    No bounties in chapter 21

    Chapter 22

    General Diego

    A corrupt leader from the Mexican army. His sole ambition is to invade US territory to claim for Mexico. Fights from his own personal armored train with artillery cannons, gatling guns, shotguns and dynamite.

    Chapter 23

    Gabriel Navarro

    A duelist in a local dueling competition. Challenges Red.

    Billy "Kidd" Cougar

    A duelist in a local dueling competition. Challenges Red.

    Chapter 24

    Mr. Kelley

    The three time champion of the local dueling competition. Red challenges him for the title of champ.

    Chapter 25

    Oswald Cornet

    One of Governor Griffon's bodyguards. Fights with a rifle.

    Randy Cornet

    One of Governor Griffon's bodyguards. Fights with a six shooter.

    Bryan Cornet

    One of Governor Griffon's bodyguards. Fights with a pistol.

    Brendon Cornet

    One of Governor Griffon's bodyguards. Fights with a six shooter.

    Jay Cornet

    One of Governor Griffon's bodyguards. Fights with a pistol.

    Terry Cornet

    One of Governor Griffon's bodyguards. Fights with a pistol.

    Jerome Cornet

    One of Governor Griffon's bodyguards. Fights with a shotgun.

    Kirk Cornet

    One of Governor Griffon's bodyguards. Fights with a six shooter.

    Chapter 26

    Rhidian Cornet

    One of Governor Griffon's bodyguards. Fights with a pistol.

    Russ Cornet

    One of Governor Griffon's bodyguards. Fights with a six shooter.

    Mark Cornet

    One of Governor Griffon's bodyguards. Fights with a six shooter.

    Jason Cornet

    One of Governor Griffon's bodyguards, and leader of the Cornet Brothers. Challenges Red to a duel.

    Chapter 27

    Governor Griffon

    The mastermind of the entire game's conflicts. Sold out his partner for wealth and power, and practically became the king of his own land overnight. Fights with a scorpion revolver.


    The game originally began development at Capcom as an arcade-style third-person action title heavily influenced by Capcom's own 1985 arcade release Gun.Smoke. An early preview trailer for Revolver depicts certain supernatural gameplay elements and themes typical of the "Weird West" sub-genre; however, Capcom ceased all production on the title in 2002.

    Rockstar subsequently purchased the rights to the unfinished game and handed production over to their recently-acquired San Diego studio. This change in developers eventually led to a significant departure from Capcom's original concept for Revolver; Rockstar re-tooled its mechanics and overall tone to be more realistic, giving the finished game a grittier and more "Spaghetti Western"-influenced presentation in the process.


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