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A Fun Game Despite its Flaws 0

In Red Faction you play as a man named Parker, who, wanting an "escape from Earth" left for Mars to become a miner working for the Ultor Corporation. He soon finds that his romanticized vision of Mars is nothing but a fantasy as he is greeted to harsh working conditions, tight living space, and an authoritarian employer. To add to this anguish, a disease known as the plague is spreading among the miners with know end or cure in sight.Things quickly turn south when miners begin to revolt. Parker,...

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The Revolution of Yesterday 0

 With all the turmoil in the world today, it is kind of hard to fathom that so much has been the cause by those in power. Dictators, totalitarianism movements, capitalists, communists, fascists, every –ist under the sun practically can be attributed to some atrocity that has occurred in the past. Enter revolutions, revolts of organized resistance that occur against oppressing powers of varying success. While this is pretty much an ebb and flow in the real world. In the realm of video games f...

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Mars Has No Law Enforcement 0

The Geo Mod engine allows for destructible environments.Stories like Red Faction always manage to put me off of the idea of space travel and colonization. Set in the year 2070, you play as Parker, a miner on Mars for the Ultor Corporation. Being so far away from Earth, Mars apparently has no government oversight whatsoever, because its officers make a daily ritual of beating, oppressing, and killing random workers. The game begins as your shift ends, where a guard inadvertently sparks a rebellio...

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I probably should have played this game 8 years ago, eh? 0

Perhaps then I wouldn't have disliked this game so much.  It's tough to review a game this old, especially when its old enough to run on my crappy laptop. I know reviews should be objective as they can be, but honestly, who is reading a review for this game nowadays? Probably someone who hasn't played Red Faction before, someone wanting to see if this is a classic that withstood the test of time. I figure this gives me some justification for grading this game based on modern day standards. I hav...

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