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    Red Harlow

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    Red Harlow is the protagonist in the game Red Dead Revolver. He becomes a bounty hunter after witnessing his parents murder. He has a scorpion emblem burned into his right hand and wears a red bandanna around it. He tracks down the men responsible for his parent's deaths.

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    Red Harlow is the protagonist in the game Red Dead Revolver. He becomes a bounty hunter after witnessing his parents murder, tracking down the person responsible for their death.  He burned his hand on a special revolver with a scorpion engraved on the handle while trying to avenge his parents the night they were killed.  He resents his wound and wears a red bandanna around his burned right hand.  Throughout the game he hunts down people with a bounty on their heads while attempting to track down the men responsible for his parents death.
    -Caution: Some Spoilers may follow-
    Along the way he crosses paths with English Trick Shooter: Jack Swift, Troubled Ranch Owner: Young Anne Stokes, an African-American Union Solider known only as The Buffalo Soldier, his Native American Cousin: Shadow Wolf, and the villainous General Diego, his right hand man: Colonel Daren (the man who fired the shot that killed Red's father), and the monster behind it all: his father's ex-partner:  "Griff" now going by the name of Governor Griffin.  After learning that General Diego had ordered Colonel Daren to kill his parents, he went out to get vengeance.  He kills Daren and learns Diego travels by his war-train across the nation.  Red attacks the train and eventually kills Diego.  He later learns, during a quick draw competition, that the Governor is the same "Griff" that sold out his father to Diego.  He, Jack, and Anne, each for their own reasons, attack the Governor's Mansion and Red shoots Griff dead in a quick-draw showdown on top of the building.  Upon being offered a reward for his act, Red states that "It was never about the money".


    Red's family includes:
    • Nate Harlow - Father, is killed early on in Red Dead Revolver.  He possesses the 2nd Scorpion Pistol and half the Gold in Bear Mountain.  He and his partner Griff had the Scorpion Pistols made up special to commemorate their new-found wealth.  He is killed by Colonel Daren in the first few moments of the game. 
    • Falling Star - Mother, like Red's father, is killed early on. She is a member of the Red Wolf Tribe.
    • Shadow Wolf - Cousin. Like the rest of the Red Wolf Tribe, he assumes Red was killed along with his parents. Later on in the story, he realizes that Red is alive and rescues him from an evil army colonel. He would later die during a battle with the colonel.


    Red Harlow is based on the character from Sergio Leone's "The Dollars" trilogy, known only as "The Man with No Name". In the films, the Man with No Name is played by legendary actor, Clint Eastwood. 

    Red Dead Redemption

    Though not being featured canonically, Red is apart of the Legends and Killers DLC pack as a multiplayer skin complete with his own unique taunts. 
    It is believed by some, specifically the Giant Bomb user who originally wrote this sentence, that Uncle could possibly be Red Harlow as he bears the same scars on his face.

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