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    Red Queen sword

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    Red Queen is the primary weapon wielded by the Devil May Cry 4 protagonist - Nero.

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    The Red Queen sword is a technologically advanced demon-hunting melee weapon developed by Fornuna's Order of the Sword as part of an ongoing effort to produce more powerful warriors and a means of allowing the Order's knights to combat far more powerful demons than would usually be possible. It was given to Nero by the Order, as he showed exceptional promise and an aptitude for combat unbecoming of a knight of his age and experience. While never explained, the sword was presumably created by Agnus, as he is the Order's chief scientist and as such is responsible for most of it's recent anti-demon weapons and technology.


    The Red Queen is a slow but powerful two handed sword, which differs from Dante's sword by being fitted with a fuel-injection system that allows the blade to be sprayed with high-octane petrol and set aflame for a short period of time. This effectively allows the user (or game-player) to supercharge the weapon for the next swing by rapidly revving the injector, much like revving the engine of a motorcycle. While this allows access to vastly more powerful attacks after the sword has been charged, the charging process is slow and somewhat impractical in the heat of battle. Alternatively, the Red Queen can also be charged instantaneously by revving the fuel-injector at the very instant the sword makes contact with an enemy, however this is a very advanced technique requiring practice and split-second timing to pull off consistently.

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