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Red Steel 2 is the sequel to the Nintendo Wii launch title Red Steel. It features Wii Motion+-enabled sword combat and comes bundled with Wii Motion+. It is developed by Ubisoft Paris, the same studio that developed the first Red Steel. The game runs on a highly modified Unreal Engine 2.


Completely disregarding the storyline of the first game, Red Steel 2 takes place in and around "the Red West". More specifically, the game takes place in a city named Caldera which includes many different environments. Some of the things within the city are: Ancient temples, ramshackle slums, a desert, huge modern freight-moving systems, and more. Outside of Caldera there are surrounding canyons. Here you can find: a pueblo-style mining town, a huge semi-automated strip mine, old, abandoned underground tunnels, an ancient ancestral monastery/temple clinging to the side of a cliff, and more. There's a lot more variety to the locations in Red Steel 2 than promotional footage suggested.

Red Steel 2 also features some static weather variations in certain levels as well as night levels. These were implemented to establish certain moods throughout the story.


The player can customize many different options to make the game feel right to them. The options currently supported for tweaking are:

  • Pointer sensitivity
  • Pointer acceleration
  • Inner bounding box (dead zone)
  • Outer bounding box Rotation acceleration curves
  • Rotation speed
  • WM off screen rotation on / off
  • WM off screen rotation speed
  • WM sensitivity

The player will encounter a series of safehouses throughout the game and will be able to use these for a few different purposes. They will also be able to visit three different kinds of stores, such as one for buying new moves with the gold that you have collected.

The game uses a lock-on system while in combat in order to take full advantage of the Wiimote's abilities. Outside of combat the player is free to fun around by tilting the Wiimote, but the lock-on system lets the player's movements with the Wiimote only affect the equipped weapon. By holding the "Z" button however, the player can break out of the lock-on mode even while in combat.

Comments from the developers also suggests that combat will be less of a "patterned-response" style and more of an instinctual affair. Basically it's not the old Legend of Zelda style where players have to hit a boss in the back in order to get him set up for a damaging attack, and then repeat 3 more times. Players will be required to think fast in order to win the often quick, and unpredictable brawls.


The main character of Red Steel 2 is an anonymous man known only as the Swordsman, a young Kusagari, who returns to Caldera after a five year banishment to find a motorcycle gang of thugs and scavengers have taken over the town. After saving someone named Jian he is informed that the rest of the Kusagari are missing and sets out to reclaim the sword given to him by his father and uncover who is behind the disappearance of his clan.

Jian is a swordsmaster who was born in China, but immigrated to North America as a young boy. He is not a true member of the Kusagari clan, but took an oath of allegiance at a young age. Upon the Swordsman's return, Jian takes him under his wing to teach him how to master the sword.

Steve Judd is the elected Sheriff of Caldera, forty-two years running. He works alongside the Kasugari to keep the streets of Caldera clean, but runs into some trouble when the Jackals arrive in town.


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