First ten minutes of RS2 leaked!

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It's the same old intro and tutorial crap we've been seeing over and over since their unveiling. Though there are various (and some big) differences here and there, both in the level layout and with additional cut scenes and stuff (I really wish they didn't emphasise cut scenes so much, especially after they revealed they aren't real time). And you don't need to make your links spoilers duh, just tell people the content of the link has spoilers, the url doesn't reveal anything... Also, it seems they took the Borderlands comparisons to heart with the mission/quest based progression they seem to have added in now...

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Like what they did with the lighting, effects, combat and hint system. Not too sure about the hub structure and cash-for-moves. I want to see more than this goddamn first level over and over again. 
I was going to embed both videos for comparison's sake, but this new forum code is more broken than the previous one...

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I tried to embed the video as well, but that site has a weird way of enbedding videos.  Usually when a site uses the iframe tag, something goes wrong embedding it to a forum post.

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Out of the blue comes something entirely different:

  Quicktime-Eventy interactive action cutscene. Cool because now we know they actually DID hold back with game content in favor of showing swordfights over and over again, not so cool because seriously, couldn't they have implemented MotionPlus in these scenes?
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I wonder if Leaked game play is really leaked....if not just released lol. 

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@Meowayne said:

"I want to see more than this goddamn first level over and over again."

This thread has glimpses of other sections, weapons and enemies. But likely still near the beginning as it didn't show locations discussed in interviews.
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ok watched it I can go back to not giving a damn about red steel 2

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That YouTube video looks awesome. I hated the original Red Steel but I'm still very interested in this. I hope people actually buy it, I doubt I'm going to be there day one, but I'm certainly going to give it a try in the future.

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That is some bad voice acting.

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