This is how Red Steel 2 plays. (off-screen/picture-in-picture)

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Looks pretty good. Might get it if the reviews are somewhat favorable.

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Nice video, though people should also watch these 60 fps streams as the game looks sweet in full speed, it looks like it has areas that are larger than you'd expect from a 3rd party's Wii effort, with various exits to other areas going by that mini map in the HUD. Nice, nice. Found this impression on GN forum:

As for Red Steel 2, it doesn't have tracking as good as Wii Sports Resort, so if it has lag or whatever (which I don't think it does) that doesn't mean it's the motion plus' fault. How dumb is it to still use third party software to judge the capabilities of the Wii?

Its combat system however is very deep and engaging.

Full 1:1 mechanics alone won't make combat engaging for long. You need proper traditional mechanics for blocking and attacking and countering and you need to throw in some gesture based attacks to spice things up, like the finishers and some other special moves in Red Steel 2. You even get a special that lets you throw a weird blast similar to how you throw a frisbee in Wii Sports Resort, able to send it to three rough directions (left, center, right) depending on where in the arc you release the buttons.

The melee combat can be described as Zelda on steroids. You circle strafe enemies, using A to dodge in all directions, either to get to the sides or behind the enemy, or to move further back, or close in. Then, you slash away at any angle you want with motion plus as shown in that gif. Holding A down blocks most melee and ranged attacks, except for strong attacks which need you to either hold the sword vertically, or horizontally, to counter their orientation. You also can't just waggle away, especially to make strong attacks against enemies that need them (to break their armor or break their block stance or whatever else) as you need a certain swing strength to activate them, so you'll find yourself playing it somewhat realistically, not waggling in front of you, but first swinging back to get room for a large and strong swing. This probably makes some people think it's not 100% reliable, they likely don't make a strong enough swing (but you can change the sensitivity).

Then you get all sorts of move upgrades (some from the story, others you purchase, alongside new guns, and further efficiency upgrades both for the special moves and the guns, as well as health and armor stuff) that are mostly gesture based but enhance the combat greatly, including a parry that has you pushing forward with the remote and nunchuck just before an attack to make the opponent stagger, charging your sword with A+B then doing the upward slash to launch them, or a downward strike to send a wave around you, it has many different moves that make the fighting system as robust as any good beat 'em up, having you exploit the weaknesses of the specific enemy type (there are many), not just 1:1 waggling. It is by far the better option for a deep engaging game, Ubisoft will surprise you all when you get it.

It has flaws, but the combat system is way cool and up there with the best of the brawlers, not to mention the shooting on top of that for even more variety, which while it has The Conduit-like settings for full control customisation, it also has cursor smoothing as seen in Metroid Prime 3 (smoothing is a separate option too) which makes the cursor movement feel much tighter and better than in lesser Wii shooters.

[...other posts followed, then he spoke of the camera when asked about it...]

The camera, like I said, has The Conduit-like options, with Metroid Prime 3-like cursor smoothing. It's excellent. For melee, you lock on enemies like in Zelda in first person. It's just as tight as in those games. Depending on the lock-on options you can have it so that camera movement stops when you hold Z even if you're not locked on an enemy, so that you don't move it around while attempting to swing, or looking up or down as you do so. You tend to use it like that when smashing stuff in the levels (there are tons of breakables and secrets to find apparently, the game is mostly linear but it has enough exploration for secrets and some backtracking as in the Metroid Prime games, though after certain points you can't backtrack further anymore, and move to completely different areas with their own exploration etc).

Can't wait.
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I am certainly willing to keep an open mind on this game, however it isn't in my favourite genre, so I am more likely to wait several months before picking it up at a cheaper price.

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lol, left handed gamers...

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The complete lack of a left-handed option is really weird.

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graphics look great

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I am so excited for this freaking game fffffffffffffff

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