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    The most powerful weapon in the Liandri Tournament, this rare monstrosity fires a thermonuclear missile. Primary fire mode is a fire-and-forget dumbfire, while alt-fire puts the user in direct control of the warhead.

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    The Redeemer is by far the most powerful weapon in the Unreal Tournament universe if not one of the most powerful weapons in any First Person Shooter period. The gun is a single shot missile that devastates everything around the impact zone. Once you have your hands on this beast of a weapon all you need to look for is a semi safe spot where you can aim at a good few players having themselves a match between themselves. Pop this thing in the middle and be prepared for a shower of blood and carnage brought to your frag tally.

    This weapon is very sought after online and rightly so in the right hands it can literally turn the tide of a TDM or increase your lead by a significant amount when utilized properly. The trick is to launch at a good range then guide the missile in manually with full if not slow movement control do it correctly and your on a winner.

    Primary Fire

    • Launches the missile in a straight line until it hits an object or until someone manages to blow it up before impact

    Secondary Fire

    • Takes control of the missile while in flight allowing you to guide it manually to it's destination

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