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Reginald "Reggie" Noble, better known by his stage name Redman or Funk Doc, has appeared in numerous games as himself. His first video game appearance was as an unlockable character in NBA 2K1.

The Music of Redman


1992 - Whut? Thee Album
1994 - Dare Iz A Darkside
1996 - Muddy Waters
1998 - Doc's Da Name 2000
2001 - Malpractice
2007 - Red Gone Wild: Thee Album
2010 - Redman Presents... Reggie


2004 - Ill At Will Mixtape Vol. 1
2005 - Ill At Will Mixtape Vol. 2
2007 - Live From The Bricks
2010 - Pancake N' Syrup

With Method Man

1999 - Blackout!
2001 - How High
2009 - Blackout! 2

With Def Squad

1998 - El Niño

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