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    A long time friend of the main character Ayesha, Regina is the first person to join her on the quest to find a way to free her younger sister from the ghost bonds that she seems to be stuck in. While she is viewed to be something of a Tomboy to the locals she often proves to have valuable information about natural resources while traveling. A type of miner by trade Regina can often be seen digging while in the field, even though there are monsters lurking.

    The town, which is based on a massive ruin, from which Regina hails from could easily be considered a mining town. The foreman/boss that is in charge of the operation staunchly refuses to let anyone who is not male into the depths; the only acception being Regina (and of course Ayesha and her party later in the game).

    Regina's father also started his life off as a miner, although he later left that line of work upon injury on one of the later ruins that Ayesha stumbles on. She is told, by Regina, about how she always just assumed that is what she would do with her life, even though for most of her's her father had give up the mining profession and become a farmer.


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