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    The protagonist for Dino Crisis and the co-protagonist for Dino Crisis 2.

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    Regina is a member of the the covert agency known as S.O.R.T. [Secret Operation Raid Team], and specializes in Infiltration, Espionage and Extermination.

    Dino Crisis

    A four person team consisting of Gail, Rick, Cooper and Regina land on the island. Unfortunately Cooper does not land at the drop point and ends up running into the T-Rex. Cooper is then eaten alive. Upon entering the facility to find Doctor Edward Kirk, Regina and company quickly come face to face with velociraptors. After fighting their way through the complex Regina herself comes face to face with the giant T-Rex. Reuniting with her unit the group manages to discover the true purpose of the island mission, to obtain the data on Dr. Kirk's 3rd Energy project and use it as a weapon. The Doctor himself is considered expendable at that point but Regina manages to convince Gail that they need the doctor to complete their mission.

    The quartet manage to kill the T-Rex with a bomb and escape the island in a helicopter.



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