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    Reigns is a kingdom management game from Nerial.

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    Reigns is a kingdom management game from Nerial. The player is the monarch of a Medieval kingdom and must balance the effect of his decisions on the church, the people, the military, and the treasury. In order to make decisions, the player is randomly presented with options from dozens of advisors. The player can either swipe left or right to accept or reject the advice. The results of the actions are often vague, with frequent unexpected consequences. When any one faction becomes either too powerful or completely neglected, the player dies and their reign has ended.

    The choices are presented as cards shuffled from a deck of scenarios, with new cards added in when new characters or places are met. Items that bestow bonuses or penalties are also unlockable. A dungeon-crawling side game called "Enter the Pungeon," also uses the swipe-left-or-right mechanic to simulate combat.


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