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Reine des Fleurs is an otome game made for the Playstation Vita. The game was developed by Design Factory and Otomate and was publish by Idea Factory. The game was illustrated by Usuba Kagerou and was written by Iwata Shinobu.

The game features a world that has a mixture of Japanese and Western style look to the game with different characters and locations in the game.



She is the Princess of Parterdeame and the next "Reine"- a sleeping Goddess that saved the world years ago with the help of four knights. Her fate was decided for her and because of this doesn't express a lot of emotions, but at times she can be quite caring and courageous at certain times.


A reckless knight from Pivoine and possible love interest for Violette. He is a noble from the country of Pivoine but does not act like one due to his reckless and his indulgent behavior.


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