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Valgar is the arrogant prince of the corrupt kingdom in Guardian Heroes, as well as the leader of the black knights. He is one of the most prominent of the characters that aren't playable in the story mode, clashing frequently with the heroes in the game's first half, and appearing in many of the story's key moments later on, as well as being one of the 5 possible final bosses, and appearing in most of the game's endings.

Valgar has a cruel streak and often shows disdain for his enemies, however, he isn't without his positive qualities. He genuinely cares about his sister Lucia, loves the kingdom, and expressed anger when he learned of the wizard Kanon's deception, even if it technically benefited Valgar. In several of the game's story paths, he reconciles with the protagonists, and asks to work together with them for the good of the kingdom.

His position as the leader of the black knights doesn't appear to have been earned through nepotism either, as he is shown to be able to mobilize his soldiers quickly, and is himself a proud and capable swordsman. Alike every other enemy in the game Valgar is playable in the versus mode, where players can use his speedy fighting style and lightning orb attacks to deadly effect.

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