Remember Me

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    Remember Me is a futuristic game set in Neo-Paris. The protagonist, Nilin, is up against a tyrant company, Memorize, with the technology to manipulate people's memory to their will. It is up to Nilin and her friends to fight against Memorize to break the bind it has on society.

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    More Art Than Video Game 0

    Is Remember Me worth...remembering? Bah dum tss....On the surface, the source material for PC's Remember Me come from very familiar territory. I for one already had my share of stories about dystopian futures, evil mega-corporations and amnesiac heroes. But upon reflection in the 13 hours I put in to complete this game, I have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised. Here is a video game that takes worn-out tropes and with them creates an interesting narrative and a conceptually and aesthetical...

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    Solid, Fun, Beautiful Game That is Marred by Too Frequent Combat and Imperfect Combat Mechanics. 0

    Remember Me is an ambitious game. First, it is gorgeous. It is a rich, lush, futuristic world bordering on Blade Runner-esque that changes-up enough as you play that you never tire of the aesthetic. The soundtrack compliments the style and the way it is mixed into the actual game play is quite clever. The story is not mind blowingly original, but it is not shabby by any means. You want to know what comes next, right until the somewhat surprising end.Though the dialogue is written poorly on a few...

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    Remember Me is a decent title that will most likely be forgotten by most and remembered by so few. 0

    It’s ironic that I am covering a game about memories when I had completely forgotten about the first reveal of Remember Me. It first surfaced back in 2011 at Germany’s GamesCom show, where it was teased as “Adrift” and targeted as a PS3 exclusive until Sony let go of the game, due to the newly-formed French studio, Dontnod, having creative disagreements with the Japanese corporation. It wasn’t till GamesCom 2012 that the title resurfaced with a new name and a new publisher – Capcom came in to fu...

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    Remember Me has promise, but it fell short to it being a truly amazing game. 0

    Right of the bat I love the atmosphere in this game, the neo-Paris setting is gorgeous. The concept art, graphics and visual setting is all beautiful. The story is where it fell short, or at least how they presented it, more questions little answers type deal. Combat comes with a unique set up where you customize your own combos to acquire different feats (more power, health regen, etc.) which was interesting. It’s a brawler none the least with a counter system, it works but it didn’...

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    Remember Me Review. 0

    I'm not entirely sure how I feel about Remember Me, it's a game that splits me right through the middle. I love it's the futuristic take on the city of Paris, combining classic architecture with sci-fi layers that work so well in creating a believable future, filled with robots and stuff. Yet at the same time, much of what Remember Me attempts to accomplish as been done before and done better at that. There's some real originality found deep within DONTNOD Entertainment's latest game, but it so...

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    Mind games done right 0

    "Remember me" is a well crafted game in a beautiful setting. Neo Paris is simply stunning. The presentation and artwork "Remember me" offers isn't seen very often and I can't praise the level of detail enough. "I remember nothing"When you start the game your character Nillin had forgotten nearly everything. She has to escape from a dystopian prison in which the prisoners are robbed of their memory. In the grand scheme the story is nothing really new, but I really liked the character development ...

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    A few rough edges don't ruin a unique premise and striking visual style 0

    I love cyberpunk. Seeing the ways that futuristic tech affects the real world is a fascinating subject that I feel not enough games take advantage of, especially with the fast-moving nature of technology today. Therefore, whenever a game decides to give this style a try, I’m almost immediately on board. This was definitely the case with Remember Me. My first exposure to it instantly put it on my radar, particularly because of its striking visual style and female protagonist. That style still sh...

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    The games title could be mistaken for a plea, but in spite of some issues there is some fun to be had. 0

    The RadHas a cool premise.Nilin is a pretty likable protagonist.Cool art design.The BadCombat isn't a lot of fun.There's a lot of combat for how little fun it is.Camera is fairly dodgy.Doesn't utilize it's better ideas frequently enough.Frame rate issues.I'm gonna be honest.I struggled to finish this.Not that it was especially hard (though I found the final boss to be a bit of a pain).No. I was just finding the game to be mind numbingly medicore.I would play it in short chunks and before long f...

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    Excellent game; Great story in my opinion. 0

    I really enjoyed playing this game, I really liked the fact that the game is set in the future and has a very good storyline.The Combo lab was the best feature as i enjoy playing fighting games and also adventure games and 'Remember Me' combined the two together.I really hope there is going to be a DLC for this game that adds more to the story.However there is one flaw to some parts the game, on some chapters, if your character dies, then the whole section of that chapter gets reset and this can...

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    Beautiful game and story, repetitive combat. 0

    I really enjoyed the game from a storyline and atmospheric standpoint. the problem lies in the combat system, if it wasn't for the amazing music that plays during fight scenes they'd be extremely boring. Olivier Deriviere's compositions for the game are some of his best works yet.\i still played through the entire game and enjoyed the experience but i wouldn't play it again because it doesn't particularly need a second playthrough....

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    Simply beautiful 0

    This game was another pleasant surprise, I was semi excited for this before it came out but reviews cooled my interest; ended up getting it on sale, and boy am I glad I gave it a shot.This is one of the most beautiful games I've played this generation.The story was above average and had one of the biggest mind fucks I've ever seen in a game, I think that one sequence would make the whole game worthwhile for most.The combat was well done, but very much a copy of Batman, the custom combo system wa...

    1 out of 1 found this review helpful.

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