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The games title could be mistaken for a plea, but in spite of some issues there is some fun to be had.

The Rad

  • Has a cool premise.
  • Nilin is a pretty likable protagonist.
  • Cool art design.

The Bad

  • Combat isn't a lot of fun.
  • There's a lot of combat for how little fun it is.
  • Camera is fairly dodgy.
  • Doesn't utilize it's better ideas frequently enough.
  • Frame rate issues.

I'm gonna be honest.

I struggled to finish this.

Not that it was especially hard (though I found the final boss to be a bit of a pain).

No. I was just finding the game to be mind numbingly medicore.

I would play it in short chunks and before long find myself saying "that's enough of that!". Feel like it took a lot of effort on my part to marathon the last few hours. Games shouldn't feel like a chore, y'know?

The combat felt like a subpar Arkham Asylum rip-off and the "create your own combo" system that they toted isn't really all that free form. It's less creating your own combo and more applying different modifiers to each button press in said combo - such as health regeneration or extra damage.

In addition to kind of "meh" combat mechanics there's a host of tedious puzzles and by the numbers platforming. Serviceable at best in all regards.

The game largely skirted by in my book based on it's art style and lead character. The game had some kick-ass sci-fi environments and while there were aspects of the story I didn't particularly find myself caring about, Nilin's own personal journey grabbed me to a larger extent than you might expect. It's not an exceedingly great tale, but it was told well enough and in a game with a myriad of other issues perhaps that's enough.

As pretty as the game looks, it kind of comes apart when you see it in motion. Especially in combat. The animation is extremely stiff, it just doesn't flow as well as you'd expect. Constant frame rate drops doesn't help with that.

I'm not musically versed enough to pin a specific genre to the games beeps and boops soundtrack, but I found the booping and beeping easy on the ears. Quite enjoyable, even.

When all was said and done, I feel like the games title was something of a plea. "Remember Me! Please! Don't write me off!"

Sadly I don't anticipate anyone remembering it for long, but there is some fun to be had here.

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