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    Remington 870

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    A US made pump shotgun. Used frequently publicly for hunting, and by the military.

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    The Remington 870 is a pump action shotgun. It is commonly used by military and police forces, as well as by civilians for hunting. It was designed in 1951 and had sold 2 million units by 1973. The 870 is popular as a home defense shotgun and is also featured in many video games. The weapon has many aftermarket accessories and upgrades available such as an extended magazine tube, replacement stocks and forearms, and sights. There is also a short version called the "Super Shorty" or "Roomsweeper" (produced by Serbu) that features a modified forearm and shorter barrel and magazine tube. A Remington 870 is the base gun for the KAC Masterkey underslung shotgun.

    There are many variants of the 870 such as the Wingmaster, Police, Marine, Express, and Super Magnum.


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