Looking for Co-op Partners!

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#1 Posted by cobble75 (66 posts) -

I didn't see any thread for folks playing this really cool, souls-like shooter.

I am playing on Xbox One and would love some co-op play. Right now the "Join Public Game" doesn't appear to be working so I thought I would try to find some like-minded folks here on the ol' GBomb.

My Xbox username is BestestNerdDad

Let's shoot some root!

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#2 Posted by Big_Denim (847 posts) -

How's it run on Xbox? And which model of Xbox are you running it on?

I am torn between getting it on Xbox and PC.

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#3 Edited by Brackstone (961 posts) -

I'm doing a single player normal difficulty run for my first time through the game so I can take my time with the story and lore and exploration and all that.

But if anyone wants to start a hard difficulty campaign from the beginning, I'm definitely down for that. I'd make a new character for it just so my current one isn't over leveled.

On PS4, name is Truckakhan.

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#4 Posted by billyjack77 (6 posts) -

I just picked this up on Steam and looking for others to play with. find me on steam by billyjack77

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#5 Posted by TheSlipgate (5 posts) -

Hey mate, I have it on Xbox - TheSlipgate is my username.

In Australia tho so my gaming time may be a little odd.

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#6 Posted by TheBluthCompany (479 posts) -

TheBluthCompany on Xbox. Just left the first biome

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#7 Edited by super_slothy (17 posts) -

Started playing on XboxOne this weekend. Fantastic game but really tough. Some areas seemingly require more than one person to get through, I would definitely welcome teaming up. GT: Super Slothy

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#8 Posted by MeatsofEvil (175 posts) -

Been playing on Steam, really enjoying everything about it! I just beat the final boss and re rolled my campaign on Hard mode, and am super excited to find all the weapons and traits and stuff.

Meats of Evil on Steam, hit me up if you need help with a boss or sommin

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#9 Posted by RubberBabyBuggyBumpers (1011 posts) -

I'm on Steam. Moniker is Syncrosonix.

A fair warning: I did get irked by one particular boss fight with cheap ass mechanics. I took the liberty to load up cheat engine for unlimited stamina and ammo. I forgot to unclick the boxes and ended up with waaaaaaaaay too many Dragon Hearts after wanting to upgrade the amount from 3 to 4, 5, and 6. Other than that instance, I do play it legitimately.

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#10 Posted by OurSin_360 (6226 posts) -

This game looks cool, I am surprised nobody on the Giant Bomb crew has taken notice? No quick looks or anything?

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#11 Posted by BoOzak (2682 posts) -

@oursin_360: They're too busy cranking out that premium content! (joking)

Anyway, i'm up for some Co-op. I'm playing on the Xbox One and my gamertag is "BoOzAk".

I just finished the game solo on Normal and enjoyed it quite a bit. It has that Dark Souls problem of restricting your exprimentation by having you commit to upgrading only a few weapons or armour sets due to limited resources, but I liked how you could swap out mods as much you'd like, and how much that could change your approach to an encounter or boss fight.

As for performance it plays smoothly on the Xbox One X, i'm not sure about the framerate but it feels good, very snappy. That might be because I just came from Darksiders 3 which had some framerate issues, even on the X. (Performance aside that game was great though, it's a mashup between Dark Souls and Metroid much in the same way Remnant is a combination of DS & RE4)

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#12 Posted by Ashy3classy3 (15 posts) -

I'm down to play, atcsigma on xbox. I'm an east coast stay at home dad so I'm around.

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#13 Posted by Stephen_Von_Cloud (1696 posts) -

This game looks cool, I am surprised nobody on the Giant Bomb crew has taken notice? No quick looks or anything?

Would like to see them cover it as well.

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#14 Posted by super_slothy (17 posts) -

@stephen_von_cloud: I believe they did talk about it briefly on last weeks Bombcast but I’m surprised it has not received more attention. It definitely seems like a game that Brad and Vinny would enjoy.

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#15 Posted by extintor (1108 posts) -

@cobble75: I'm about to get into this. Also playing on Xbox. Central Time (GMT-5).Tag is Extintor

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#16 Posted by goddammitraf (50 posts) -

goodfriendraf on ps4, probably downloading it tonight!

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#17 Posted by goddammitraf (50 posts) -
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#18 Posted by Gundahaar (22 posts) -

Are people still looking for co-op partners?

Haven't started the game yet, but looking to get in on PS4 even though I am a bit late.

Rump_ is my psn handle.

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