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    Remy is a character in Street Fighter 3: Third Strike. He bares a grudge to all fighters. His move-set is similar to that of Guile.

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    Remy was born and raised in France. His sister was frozen to death and his father disappeared (could possibly be connected with Abel from SF4). Since his poor childhood, Remy wants revenge against his father for disappearing. He also bares a grudge against fighters.


    Remy is Street Fighter 3's Guile or Charlie. He uses charge moves for both his projectile and his flash kick, but also possesses a command jumping kick which can be used to rushdown opponents. Contrary to SF3 anti-projectile parrying system, Remy is best used when constantly annoying opponents with Light of Virtues, hoping they'll jump into his flash kick and going on the offensive when he's made his opponent frustrated. Has the second lowest stamina in the game, slightly higher then Akuma's, so he is a bit fragile. Funnily enough, his two projectiles are counted as different moves, so experienced charge buffer-ers can rapidly throw them, and have both on screen at the same time. No other character has this ability.

    Special Moves

    • Light of Virtue: High - Remy throws the nostalgic spinning blade at normal projectile height. He throws it in a different way than that of Guile or Charlie. Remy throws his projectile with one arm, while Guile and Charlie throw theirs with two.
    • Light of Virtue: Low  - The low version of his projectile, but a lot easier to jump over.
    • Rising Rage Flash - the flash kick move that was introduce with Guile.
    • Cold Blue Kick - Remy's only command move, he jumps forward back turned with a leg out.

    Super Arts

    • Light of Justice - Remy throws a bunch of low and high Light of Virtues, but all can be blocked from either high or low.
    • Supreme Rising Rage Flash - Remy does 3 powerful Rising Rage Flashes, his most damaging super.
    • Blue Nocturne - Remy's most unique move, he literally stands still in a particular stance. If the other player hits him, he does a very good damaging counter combo, but if not, he does nothing.     

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