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Rena Lanford is a young, sweet, and innocent Expellian girl, who comes from the village of Arlia. It is revealed quite early on that she isn't really from Arlia, having been found alone in the nearby Shingo Forest and adopted by her current mother. Those around Rena think she is unaware of this, but in actuality, she had learned of this a long time prior to Star Ocean: The Second Story's events.
Rena is a magician character. She primarily acts as a White Mage, but also has attack spells at her disposal (she is the opposite of Noel, who is more of a Black Mage with white magic spells). Her adoptive mother tells Claude that she possesses powers that are alien to her town, even the entire planet of Expel, though nobody knows what or where these powers came from.
Rena is one of the two main characters in SO2, and if you choose her story, the game begins a bit differently from Claude's, though the rest of the game is exactly the same story, just from different perspectives.
Rena joins Claude immediately in the game, where they plan to visit the King of Cross to be allowed, by monarchial rule, to inspect the mysterious Sorcery Globe, a meteorite that crashed into the continent of El and has since caused monsters and animals to act in a very unusual manner. The King of Cross grants them passage, mostly for his pre-existing relationship to Rena, whom he knew as a child.  They journey onward, to the kingdom of Lacour, where they first encounter the true might of the Sorcery Globe, where they must challenge and defend the kingdom from Shin and his monster minions. The party eventually learns of the globe's real purpose, and origin. This takes them to Energy Nede, where Rena is discovered to be a Nedian, much to everyone's shock. She joins the party in travelling Energy Nede to take down God's Ten Wise Men, and save both Expel and Nede, and live in peace at last.
Along the way through your journey Rena and the team run into Dias Flac, a childhood friend and "big brother" of Rena. In Rena's story, you can recruit Dias to join your party, much to Rena's delight. Whenever the party encounters Dias, Rena leaves to be alone with him, much to the ire of Claude. Eventually Rena shows her feelings for Claude, though slowly.

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