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Rengoku is a rather low quality and very simplistic real-time dungeon crawler. It is a fully 3D game rendered with polygons, and a third person perspective.

It features the premise being the fact all 5 body parts can be re-equipped with parts dropped by enemies.

All enemies (even bosses) are like yourself but with various parts equipped, and a different color than you. Typically they have less health than you (you are more "leveled up") except for bosses which are are fought one-on-one.

You can equip either melee weapons (such as swords) or long-range weapons (such as guns, rockets, etc) or a combination of both. Leg parts serve as utility (armor, or added health, ammo, etc) and have no attacks. Non-weapon parts exist for the other body parts as well, the tradeoff being you can't attack with them.

In addition to equipping yourself with better weapons (which determine your attack power) your base stats can be leveled up if you collect enough "elixir skin". Base stats are things like defense, health points, heat resistance, and how many backup slots you have to equip weapons to. (When any weapon runs out of ammo, your backup weapon takes its place. Therefore having more slots helps avoid situations where you run out of ammo.)

Rengoku suffers from a number of flaws, although one of its biggest issues is its stark inferiority when compared to its sequel, Rengoku II.

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