Reni Wassulmaier

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    Reni Wassulmaier is a Director. She is voiced by Barbara Rosenblat in both GTA: Vice City Stories and GTA: Liberty City Stories

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    Character Info

    Reni meets the character in the mission Accidents Will Happen. When the player first meets Reni she comes across a a very effeminate German film director. She is a man throughout most of her missions until her sex-change operation at the end of her mission arc. Victor becomes acquainted with Reni when he becomes her coke dealer through Spitz. Soon Victor becomes a stunt driver in Reni's films. She finally decides toward the end of her arc that she wishes to have another sex-change operation to become a woman again. But while on her way to the hospital she is attacked by the Mendez Cartel. But Victor saves her and safely drives her to her operation. It is hinted that she changes her name to the more feminine "Renee"
    . It is also hinted that she moves to Liberty City because she is a DJ for the radio station Flashback FM in GTA: Liberty City Stories which is set in 1988.

    Reni Wassulmaier Missions

    • Accidents Will Happen
    • The Colonel's Coke
    • Kill Phil: Act 1
    • Say Cheese
    • Kill Phil: Act 2
    • So Long Schlong
    • In The Air Tonight

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