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Renowned Explorers is a rogue-like turn based strategy game wherein players are trying to accumulate renown to become the most renowned explorer. Players can accumulate renown through research, fame, or wealth, and have several avenues to pursue those goals. Additionally, players can choose to pursue one or more "attitudes" during their encounters. Players can choose to be either friendly, devious, or aggressive with each action they take during an encounter, and the one they use most will define their party's reputation.


Before you start a new adventure, you have to compose a crew of 3 out of 20 (24 with DLC) selectable explorers, which are divided into four classes: Fighters, Scientists, Scouts and Speakers.

Ivan DashkovEmilia KarwowskaKiwi PaakarikiCharles Templeton
Bia HekatonAnna ProskuriakovaPedrinho PinheiroYvonne Lefevre

Dolores Garcia

Phillipe BensoussanHatice AtamanMaria Rodriguez
Jan-Piet CorneelAgatha von BrünswickHarry WalkerHildegard Haas
Victor SignacEarl ShantyMolly JonesKwame Amanquatia
Wang Yu (via DLC)Suh Min-Jeong (via DLC)Hojo Fumiaki (via DLC)Phailin Boonyasak (via DLC)

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