Name the Resident Evil Abby playthrough series.

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#1 Posted by personandstuff (651 posts) -

Enjoying the hell out of Abby playing through Resident Evil 2. If Abby ever plays through any more entries, what should the VinnyVania-esque series be called?

Best I could come up with was Resident Abby.

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#2 Posted by TheChris (550 posts) -

Abby Enters the Survival Horror

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#3 Posted by Rigas (857 posts) -


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#4 Posted by Shindig (4984 posts) -

Russelldent Evil.

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#5 Posted by Vortextk (944 posts) -

The Master of Unlocking: Abby Russell

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#6 Posted by Giant_Gamer (762 posts) -

Russelling Evil.

The Russell Within... In case she want to go deep with the survival horror.

This came to me and i can't keep it in my mind but man if Abby is planning to make a wrestling series, then Russellmania would sound cool as hell.

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#7 Posted by the8bitNacho (2302 posts) -

@thechris said:

Abby Enters the Survival Horror

Yeah, probably this.

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#8 Edited by nutter (2396 posts) -

Pondering this, I was distracted by the thought of Raccoon 911; Resident Evil 2 staring the cast of Reno 911.

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#9 Posted by Relkin (1222 posts) -

Resident Evil: Code Abby(gail)

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#10 Posted by chango (1099 posts) -
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#11 Posted by mezmero (3793 posts) -

Abstinent Evil. If there were more horses in these games I'd suggest Equestrian Evil.

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#12 Posted by inevpatoria (7487 posts) -

@rigas said:


This one has legs. Hopefully they use it soon.

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#13 Edited by sparky_buzzsaw (8956 posts) -

Zombabby. The Dabbing Dead. Dab of the Dead.

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#14 Posted by Redhotchilimist (2977 posts) -

Resident Abby's alright.

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#15 Posted by htr10 (1077 posts) -

People nearly rioted over the name Mass Alex. Now people like the name Resident Abby. I feel like I am taking crazy pills.

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#16 Posted by Shiftygism (1129 posts) -

Resident Abby's good.

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#17 Posted by Hamst3r (5482 posts) -


Supremely Terrifying Abby Russell Situations.

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#18 Posted by Onemanarmyy (4586 posts) -

Fright or Shite

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#19 Posted by Brackstone (959 posts) -

Abby's Fantastic Key Quest

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#20 Posted by FDL (60 posts) -
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#21 Posted by chaser324 (8719 posts) -

A lot of good options in here. I'd love for Abby to continue on through more of the franchise.

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#22 Posted by the_hiro_abides (1325 posts) -

Puzzles n' Zombies

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#23 Posted by PKB_Noitwont (135 posts) -

Russeldent Evil

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#24 Posted by OMGFather (1066 posts) -

@hamst3r said:


Supremely Terrifying Abby Russell Situations.


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#26 Posted by Shiftygism (1129 posts) -

Zombie Dog Bottom

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#28 Posted by sparky_buzzsaw (8956 posts) -

The Abbadook.

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#29 Posted by Doerr007 (68 posts) -

The A Virus

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#31 Posted by JasonR86 (10274 posts) -

Resident Abbevil: Russel Chronicles

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#32 Posted by dudeglove (13790 posts) -
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#33 Posted by imchardo (64 posts) -

Could it be President Evil? Maybe Abby wears a distinctive orange wig? No, no, no, I'm going to start a political upheaval. A Resident Upheaval.

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#34 Posted by Shindig (4984 posts) -

The Ab/By Scenario.

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#35 Posted by Quantris (1326 posts) -

Abby Sandwich

get your mind out of the gutter

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#36 Posted by aznan (138 posts) -
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#37 Edited by SeriuzBiznus (165 posts) -



Resident Evil: Abbpocalyse

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#38 Posted by Capstan (207 posts) -



Resident Evil: Abbpocalyse

I was thinking Abohazard 2 or Abbyhazard 2, so as not to bury the lead.

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#39 Posted by ChaosOrdeal (77 posts) -

Resident (of Abbey Road) Evil 2

Is there a prize for worst?

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#40 Posted by SolidR (2 posts) -

Abby in the Dark

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