Do you think that Capcom will work on RE3 remake?

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Posted by Giant_Gamer (762 posts) 4 months, 13 days ago

Poll: Do you think that Capcom will work on RE3 remake? (103 votes)

Yes 60%
No 13%
Maybe 27%

With the success of RE2 remake, i'm now wondering whether or not we'll see a remake for RE3.

I gotta say that RE3 out of all RE games might benefit more from the remake since most of it happens in a Racoon City but could more expensive to make.

Here's hoping for a continued success for RE2, and if you are fan of survival horror then make sure that you give it try because you'll definitely find yourself buying it.

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#1 Posted by Barrock (4136 posts) -

Based on the sales, I would say it's pretty likely. The same teams don't work on the remakes and something like 7 right?

I'm just hoping we get more games in the vein of 7 as well as these stellar remakes.

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#2 Posted by Relkin (1181 posts) -

Oh, for sure.

Considering what they managed to do with Mr. X in RE2 Remake, Nemesis is going to be a nightmare in a RE3 Remake.

I think the real question is: will they continue to remake RE games after they do 3? Will we see a Code Veronica Remake? A RE0 Remake? Will they go on to remake RE4?

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#3 Edited by glots (4329 posts) -

I read that bit of news about them saying that the fans should make their demand for the remake clear for the gears to start turning, but I’m pretty sure that the millions of RE2 copies already sold has convinced them to make one, even if the fans weren’t asking for it.

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#4 Edited by Humanity (18776 posts) -

Since RE4 seems to diverge in tone and certain plot lines from the first three numbered games, remaking RE3 would be a nice bookend to that era and they could bundle all the remasters in a Remastered Collection SKU.

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#5 Posted by ShaggE (9269 posts) -

They'd be insane not to. RE2 is such a runaway hit that an RE3Make in the same style would be a license to print money.

Shame about FucKonami, they could easily capitalize on this by doing the same thing with Silent Hill.

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#6 Posted by cikame (2823 posts) -

Just want to jump in early to say the rumor is production has already started on RE3:Remake, RE2 was looking like it going to be a hit so early production began while they waited to see how pre-order and sales figures would do.
This is just a rumor, but it makes sense considering how if RE3 was re-released that would make every major RE game available on HD systems, and capable of being re-released in the future, as it stands RE3 is the only numbered entry you can't just simply load up in some form or another on a modern system.

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#7 Posted by Panfoot (330 posts) -

I think it seems like a guarantee given the success of the RE2 remake and how much of a good framework they already have with how Mr. X works in the remake and already having parts they can reuse like the RCPD.

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#8 Posted by Efesell (4503 posts) -

I say maybe only because Capcom seems to do the whole sales expectation think in a really ridiculous way. So even clear hits seem to always somehow just be called failures anyway.

Otherwise it seems like a real slam dunk to me.

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#9 Edited by Giant_Gamer (762 posts) -

@shagge: Konami can still remake Silent Hill but i doubt that the game will sell like RE2 or even close. Because, that was Konami problem with Silent Hill, as it continue to receive positive criticism but fails to generate sales.

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#10 Posted by ArbitraryWater (15714 posts) -

It's rumored to already be in development. I'm definitely super interested in seeing what a modern take on RE 3 would be like, given the way this RE 2 remake turned out. They'd probably have to retool a lot of stuff, but I think they'd be able to do something interesting, at least.

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#11 Posted by reap3r160 (265 posts) -

While it seems like a no-brainer to me, the game industry is almost impossible to anticipate over the past few years.

So of course I'd LIKE them to(never got into RE until 4, and then all the games after until 7 were meh), but whether or not they will is anyone's guess.

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#12 Edited by liquiddragon (3375 posts) -

I think remakes in general should be reserved for classics. RE1 and RE2 were big deals by any metric. Outside of core gamers, RE3 doesn’t have the same kind of cachet. Even in the fandom it’s devisive. I wouldn’t be surprised if they do it but I don’t see it as a guaranteed home run. I think it’s a bit risky but maybe not as risky as doing something new. It would annoy ppl but RE4 remake is probably the least risky move.

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#13 Posted by hermes (2611 posts) -

Sure they will... considering the success of this remake, a remake on the same style of the other "tank based" games in the series is almost guaranteed to be profitable, even when none of them hold the same classic status as 2.

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#14 Edited by Ungodly (449 posts) -

I would like them to remake 3, and rewrite the narrative of the series. I loved 4, but hated that series went down the action movie route. So with these remakes, I think it would be great if they just kept the more down to earth corporate espionage/horror. Hell, make an Ada game already. Anything but Chris Redfield punching boulders.

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#15 Posted by Shiftygism (965 posts) -

RE4 doesn't need a remake. Move controller support would be cool if it doesn't already have it on PS4 given the game was a blast on Wii, but it's still a perfectly fine game that still holds up even with its cheese.

A Nemesis and Code:Veronica remake would be welcomed, but after that concentrate on something new.

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#16 Posted by inevpatoria (7439 posts) -

@relkin said:

Oh, for sure.

Considering what they managed to do with Mr. X in RE2 Remake, Nemesis is going to be a nightmare in a RE3 Remake.

I think the real question is: will they continue to remake RE games after they do 3? Will we see a Code Veronica Remake? A RE0 Remake? Will they go on to remake RE4?

It will be interesting to see if Code Veronica makes the cut. It's a polarizing entry in the series and doesn't often get included amongst the originals as an out-and-out classic. Plus, there is an HD port of Code Veronica X that's available on both PS4 and Xbox One. Part of the appeal of remastering RE2 and RE3 is that neither game has ever received a modern port or treatment.

That aside, I think Code Veronica is the game that would benefit most from a modern retooling. It's the hardest of the tank control-style Resident Evils and barely justifies having those controls at all.

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#17 Posted by Shindig (4935 posts) -

It's not got the same reverence of the first two. They'd probably sooner remake 4.

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#18 Posted by Stonyman65 (3808 posts) -

I'd love to see them remake RE3, honestly I wouldn't mind a re-remake of RE1. Capcom has knocked it out of the park with both RE7 and RE2 Remake so I'm down for whatever comes next.

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#19 Posted by Sarnecki (1354 posts) -

I'd be interested in 3, and also a Dino Crisis re imagining. It's been too long since I've had a quality dino game fix.

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#20 Edited by FrostyRyan (2921 posts) -

I don't get people who say RE4 should get remade. That game still holds up phenomenally.

What's even more confusing is people saying RE3 shouldn't be remake because it's actually not that great and people don't love it like they do 2.....that's precisely WHY they should remake it. A modern remake of 3 would pretty much be immediately better than 3, yeah? (and I really like 3)

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