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Bro, it's Nemesis! 0

Due to the deadly T-Virus, the once peaceful burgh known as Raccoon City has turned into a seething orgy of horror. Flesh-eating zombies have taken over the streets and constantly threaten any humans unlucky enough to be trapped in the town. You are Jill Valentine, an elite police officer (with the STARS unit) who resigned just days after the grisly events that took place in the original Resident Evil. Your goal is to blast your way out of the city, the whole time avoiding a new super-zombie cal...

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Resident evil 3- 0

I as of writing this review have not played Resident Evil 2, i have however played the original Resident Evil.The Original Resident Evil ranks as my 10th Favorite game of all time so i was looking forward to this game.So First of all  Resident Evil 3 is NOT a very player friendly game, There is no Tutorial and the game has a terrible control scheme on the PC.Anyway in Resident Evil 3 you play as Jill Valentine one of the heroes from the original game and the game follows her escape from Raccoon ...

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this time escape isn' t enough 0

so youve survived the mansion pat yourself on the back and yes you got through racoon city as both claire and leon give your self another pat on the back but can you get through racoon city being chased?this time you have to solve puzzles kill zombies fight a hoard of monsters and escape from racoon with a 7 foot tall menace chasing many respects resident evil 3 is the same goodness with a few new features the ability to create bullets and actually up grade them later in the game is new t...

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