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Bro, it's Nemesis!

Due to the deadly T-Virus, the once peaceful burgh known as Raccoon City has turned into a seething orgy of horror. Flesh-eating zombies have taken over the streets and constantly threaten any humans unlucky enough to be trapped in the town. You are Jill Valentine, an elite police officer (with the STARS unit) who resigned just days after the grisly events that took place in the original Resident Evil.

Your goal is to blast your way out of the city, the whole time avoiding a new super-zombie called "Nemesis" who appears periodically throughout the game to mess up your life. As survival horror goes, Resident Evil 3 is at the top of the game. In fact, outside of Code: Veronica, Nemesis is probably the best survival horror game ever made. The story is intriguing and creepy, the villains are appropriately gross and the action is intense and sometimes genuinely scary. Everything in the game conspires to produce a wonderfully intense experience. By the time you're done taking down the Nemesis for the final time, you feel as if you've overcome some sorta nightmare after being stalked by this psycopath.

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