do cutscenes count towards level completion time?

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#1 Posted by spilledmilkfactory (2067 posts) -

i've heard that if you complete the game in less than 5 hours you can get infinite ammo for the rocket launcher. in pursuit of this goal, i was wondering if watching the cutscenes will increase my level completion time? thanks

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#2 Posted by Jake_K (117 posts) -

Yes, they do.

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#3 Posted by inevpatoria (7064 posts) -

Hit the Back button during cutscenes--you can skip 95% of them. If you can't skip them, then there's a QTE you'll need to hit.

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#4 Posted by super_machine (2007 posts) -

Yeah once you watched them there is no point in wasting time. Unless you never beat the game before then I would advise you enjoy the first play through then you can have all the fun you want. After the fifth playthrough of the game it gets a bit old.

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#5 Posted by ShogunSupremacy (161 posts) -

Its kinda of a waste of time to race through it if u already have the rocket launcher unlocked,

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#6 Posted by Champoo (26 posts) -

You can kind of cut through QTE cutscenes, when you hit back it'll cut right to when you need to hit that button, then you can repeat that process until that whole cutscene is done.

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