Gold and Standard Compatability?

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A few of my friends are really into the Versus and Mercenaries mode of Re5, specifically the Gold Edition of RE5. They are playing on the PS3 but Im finding it hard to find a copy of RE5 Gold in any of the stores I like (though I could get it from Ebay for about £30 but I dont like Ebay if its an option) but I can get the standard edition really easily and cheaply.

My question for anyone who may know is can I join them playing Versus and Mercenaries mode using the standard edition of RE5, would I need to get some of the DLC or would I need the Gold version specifically?

Thanks for anyone who can help.

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Hmm, not sure about the PS3 version. I want to say that you can use the standard edition w/DLC to play with your friends who have the gold edtion but I'm not positive. I'd hit up the Capcom forums before you buy anything.

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I found it in the end that you can use Vanilla RE5 and download the DLC (as needed), its completely compatible with Resident Evil 5 Gold players. Though in the end I found a cheap copy of RE5 Gold though im now having to replay a game ive already completed to play the extra "gold" content (excluding versus) which is annoying since ive played it though twice before on Xbox 360 using Local Co-op. Though there are saves I can download, which appear on PS3 as "real" saves, I cant use them sadly since it says I cannot use saves from another profile :|

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