Should I download the RE 5 multiplayer DLC?

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  I heard that that a slayer mode and death match mode was made, and I love online multiplayer. My only issue is that no one is playing it... I know people play CoD and Halo, but is RE 5 big enough of a community to be worth it? How many people play this mode? I know it is cheap, but I want to spend my microsoft points carefully...

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@FatJackieChan: I want the multiplayer mode too, even though I think the community will be pretty small and it won't be that great. I'd say no, don't get it. But if you do, I'll play with you ! 
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@Baillie:  Sweet. My friend is getting Gold edition soon, and if that had the multiplayer mode I am getting it. I will be sure to add you as a friend.
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It's neat. And you'll actually often find people playing it, and you'll get into a match quickly. I think it's great, but it's not really a "multiplayer" you'll be playing for a long time. It's more like, go in a match for five minutes, play two more, be done.

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