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Disappointing story wise, okay gameplay wise

People have laughed at me when I say "I play Resident Evil for the story" as they claim "There is non"
I understand their argument as few of the stories have any continuation from the former  games and little is revealed of the back story in each title. 
So in RE5 they finally decided to tell use the BIG SECRET! 
Wesker's big plan that had been played out throughout most of the other game titles. It was very disapointing. The mysterious Ozwell E. Spencer has a bigger part in this game than in alle the other games combinded only to just as big of a disapointment as the rest of the story.
I downloaded the episodes "Lost In Nightmares" and "Desperate Escape" hoping that in those backstories a more satisfying secret behind Wesker's plan or at least that Spencer's faith wouldn't as anticlimactic as seen in a RE5 cut scene.
But no.
As a game goes it's entertaining and fun. The Surviover on-line game is aggravating for me to play, but it seems like I'm the only one having problems with that game so never mind.

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