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Re5 is like drinking coca cola Light!!,it tastes good for a while then u want regular coca cola..

by far the the worst re-evil as a re-evil game,,with resident evil elements thrown in there that worked for me somehow;P,,wesker yells ,,wesker is mad;pp;),,even today i can have fun with this game and have a great time and it was addictive,,nevertheless the title is only worth 3stars in my eyes,,that is,,here why;p;) ,,;

on other aspects,,almost the whole game worked for me,,pluss it was entertaining;),,.. and fun;)

At First glance it seems like Not a re-evil game at all,,that is very true,,but still it has many re-evil moments ucan enjoy in it,,but dissapoints on many aspects regarding how much believable this is as a re-evil game,,it did not furfill me that much as a re-evil game thats why it doesnt get more than 4 stars from me here,,many things are good in the game,,others are a huge dissapointment and laughable,,still though i had quite a fun ride with this,,even if its not al lthat re-evil,,good stable intense shooting and many other things make up for this,,like the graphics and so on

These Arent Zombies at all,,worst ridioucouls enemies or zombies if u will i have ever seen in a re-game;),,though ucan enjoy this game

i actually enjoyed this game from start to finish (no i did not) parts of this game i enjoyed very much;) but at the same time it was extremly bad as a re-evil game,,i where left with confusion,,dissapoinment and a diet coke,,and ridiocolusness

This was the first game i got,Bundled,yaay Or NEIII,,As the Re Fan I Am, i hate to say yet again (since re4) that i have mixed reactions.stop screwing with the formula:Its Not Re Anymore Or is it? stop this please.I certainly think Resident evil 5 is Worse ThaN Re4,yes i do...OR Do I? well its basecally the same game with some new twists.I Cant say i Hated it but i didnt Like it Either,it got me a little confused and dry.,and seomwhat bad taste in my mouth.Lets start with the obvious,the bad/not so great stuFF:

Bad/not so great :

- The game is Actually Hard To finish cuz u can actually fail constantly,i was in luck someone helped me finish the game.And when that is actually possible now is kinda Cool,well maybe not for U ppl who want to finish the game yurseLVES,Like MySeLF,withouT any But someone elses Help did after all make me finish the game..

- The online play could have been better and its difficuly to get those points u need to get another character to play as :( but i after a while managed it..

- Zombies are still Not zOmBies,even riding motorcycles now? comon? this is getting out of control

- its not that scary,only sometimes,specially at then end when Wesker say Mad things too Chris

- dialog is cheesy but not all the time,specially not chris and wesker,sheva gets irritating to listen to after a while

- sheva is a stupid bot,but not all the time,specially i noticed that a few times,one of them was when u had to take the elevetator and move a box out of the way and u encounter a BUNCH of lickers.which by the way are the only truly difficult enemy in the game.the other is when u have to put a shot of.. in weskers body

- ppl say this is an easy game well that is not enterely true,its harde nthan Re4,cuz u can fail at a mission over and over again even more than in Re4 or u can be attacked by the undead in large numbers so u get out of control

- the corpses of the undead dissapears after one fast blink of your eye.this is plain stupid

- i cant recognize the looks of wesker and jill anymore.jill now looks like Nina from Tekken and chris is on sterioid or is a blow up doll or something

- the games arenas are for the most part repetative and boring even more than Re4 and i felt there was too few interesting/old or new enemies,always just those maddafakka "african zombies"

-the game feels toned down even more now

-it doesnt feel like a sequel

-Re feels dead to me now

- the enemies are more funny than scary,big fat machine gun dudes that blow up? ur kidding me right?

- Comon Let us cry and play Re1 reMAKe

the Good stuFF:

- the story is great but not the best

- graphics are great

- a new continent,now africa,nice touch:p

- If Ur a bad re gamer thEn coop-op isnt to be sad about

- online play,it excists

- other modes ,unlockables and extras specially Reuinion where u can play as Barry etc allthough Its just the looks of him that puts a smile on my face and that is all there is too because everyone plays the same

- u can Actually play quite nice in Bad LaG onLINE

cut scenes are quite nice adn whe nsomething happens for instance at the end when wesker yells at you,thats remarkable and interesting and believable

Like Re4 the game feels quite Long,Running in boring areas over and over again.sickening

-Nice to shoot though

- One of the extra Chapters u can Buy Is Actually better than the game itself,For Crying Out Loud.but if u play coop with some online u better hope for well: Not a stupiD Player..god luck with that,, i had luck in the end..

Final Verdict.

Overrated and u know th Rest

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