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Resident Evil 5 - Review

After playing that dreadful RE5 demo that was released a few months back, I wasn't expecting too much going into RE5. Well to my delight, that demo really isn't an indication of what RE5 is like, yes that part of the game is still a pain in the ass but the game is so much more.

RE5 is not a survival horror game which may disappoint some fans of previous RE games. It is an action/adventure/shooter that hits on many targets.

Visually you will struggle to find a better looking game out there with some of the most beautiful rendered environments and character models ever seen. The story of RE5 is ok, you play as Chris Redfield and you have been sent to Africa on assignment to investigate in incident that's occurred in the area. You meet up with your new 'partner" Sheva and from there things get interesting. Let's just say that your old partner 'Jill' plays a part in RE5 and fans of the series will like the story, those that havent played previous games might feel a little lost in parts.

The game is heavily focused on co-op gameplay but the game lends itself well to playing single player with the console doing a fine job of controlling Sheva.

The game is broken up into a total of 6 chapters, each chapter consisting of 2 to 3 parts. The game overall isn't that long and on the normal difficulty can be completed in roughly 8 hours.

Many people will find the fact that you can't shoot and run a little annoying especially as the game has gone into the action adventure rout and steers a little away for survival horror. This is a small issue however as soon as you accept that you cant shoot and run and adapt, the sooner you will be having fun with RE5.

This is a must play for all hardcore gamers, excellent level design, great sound and breathtaking visuals, RE5 is a heap of fun.

Gameplay = 7.5
Visuals = 9.5
Sound = 8
Game Now Score = 8.3/10

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