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This the Resident Evil We've been waiting for

4 years ago, Resident Evil 4 came out and showed the world what it was made of. Thanks to great Controls, great graphics, a good story line, fun and addictive gameplay, and so much more, it's no wounder why it had 3 versions made after it's gamecube release. But finally, Resident Evil 5 is here and lives ups to it's expectations. Resident Evil 5 story isn't scary, but still good. The story puts us in the boots of Resident Evil 1's hero, Chris Redfield. Chris, and his new partner Sheva Alomar, are out to stop a deal going on between terrorist, while at the same time, must find out what happened to Chris's old partner, Jill Valintine. The story, while not the most orginal, is still very good. It's more of an action movie story than a Resident Evil Story. It's also ment to tie up the lose ends of the series as the next game is said to be a reboot to the series. Dezien and gamplay wise, it's everything you know and love about Resident Evil 4. Your always going foword, with different paths leading to some ammo. The game will take you a dozen hours of play time, so you woun't get board. fast. The pacing is just perfect. Your never gonna get board with the envirnments as you never get tired with each level. It never feels like you being draged on. Resident Evil 5 keeps the familar dezien and stays true to it. In terms of gameplay, think RE4 on the 360 and PS3. The controls are starting to show their age, but none the less control well. The A.I is the same as ever. They'll still group on you, navigate the envirnmets, and so on. Shooting is the same excellent as ever and challanging. You still stand and shoot, and it's still fun as ever. Weapons are the same, and still work the same. One of the reasons this game will not be leaving you 360 or PS3 is Co-up. Playing with a friend with this gameplay is fun as all hell. Playing alone, not as fun, but still fun. Your A.I controled side-kick does a pretty good job, just don't give them any Health objects as She'll spend it a lot. speeking of health, when your or your partner are badly injured, you can go up and save them. This works fine, but it does take out the challange of the game a little. Thre are also some area's where you can take cover in, which will make you wounder why there wasn't one put in the game. There are new physical attacks like stoping on enemies or Falcon Punching them(lol). The gameplay is still as fun as it's always in, and thanks to some tweeks, and makes it much better than RE4. Resident Evil 5 is one of the 1st game that can go toe-to-toe with games like Gears of War. The graphics are just incredible. The character's look amazing, and almost real when looking at their face's close up. There's is some screen taring, but it's so little, you woun't notice it. The music always hits the right momments and the voice acting, while some times going a bit over the top, is still solid. Resident Evil 5 is a much better game than RE4 thanks to the tweeks they made. While it does feel familar to Resident Evil 4, and doesn't have that Resident Evil flare of the "oh my god, i'm gonna die" feeling thanks to you being able to revie by your partner, it's till an amazing 3rd person shooter that should not be missed. Do what ever it takes to get this game! Chris and Sheva are no Thieves.

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