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Not the biggest RE fan, but co-op made it work for me.


  • Mercs mode offers some replayability
  • Boss battles are fun
  • Shooting Zombies/Las Plagas/Whateveryoucallthem is fun, satisfying.
  • Co-op turns a good time into a great one.


  • Can't move and shoot.
  • Sheva isn't really an interesting character.
  • Laser Sight sucks.

I'm not going to pretend I know the first thing about Resident Evil.
I played #4 a bit and enjoyed it well enough.
I've seen the movies and while I know they take liberties with the plot, I still quite enjoy them for what they are.
But the games never really hooked me.

A good way to grab my interests though is to add co-op into it and that's what Capcom did and for the first time ever, I really like a Resident Evil game.

As with 4, the bad guys you fight are not Zombies - but Las Plagas - these guys infected with these parasite doflickys. They still serve as cannon fodder, much like the Zombies.
But these folk won't just shamble toward you and try to nibble on your brain.
They'll run at you, often armed - shoot fire arrows at you - sometimes even use guns which certainly makes them more difficult to tackle then their Zombie cousins.

You won't just be fighting with them though, you'll also be doing battle with the controls.
I don't give a damn what RE purists say, it would be better if you could run while you gun.
If I were getting chased by these parasite monster things, I wouldn't be standing their while I'm shooting as a horde of them close in on me, I'd be running for the hills taking potshots whenever I could.

If we were still dealing with Zombies I'd understand the decision to not allow the player to move while shooting. Zombies are slow and if the player could shoot and run at the same time it would make it perhaps too easy as you could just circle around them, shooting them, killing them and they likely wouldn't get a hit in.

But Las Plagas are more plentiful then the Zombies. There can be dozens of them chasing you at a time. And again, most of them are armed. They would still pose a threat even if you could run and gun. And with ammo not being as plentiful as a strict action game, half the time you'll be running, looking for ammo anyway. I don't know. Just doesn't make sense for them to bind the player to the ground with this brand of foe. Not being able to move whilst you shoot is not a deal breaker or anything, but being able too would improve my enjoyment just that little bit extra.

Still on the combat sometimes hitting far off enemies can be a pain.
All weapons with the exception of I guess the sniper rifle which uses a scope are laser sighted.
Close up this works a charm, but it's hard to see your little dot off in the distance if you're in a firefight. You can generally work your way closer, perhaps letting your co-op partner take some of the heat whilst you run in a bit - but in situations where it'd be wiser to sit back well, laser sight sucks.

The campaign doesn't last especially long on normal, at least not with a semi-decent co-op partner. If you're playing co-op it might be wise to turn up the difficulty, otherwise you could probably blow through it in 8-10 hours.

Mercs mode offers some replayability, challenging you and a partner if you've got one to survive as long as you can, scoring points by killing bad guys and increasing the time limit and thus the amount of time you have to score points by kicking in these glowy columns.
You can also pick up hour glasses that increase the score on your combos.
It's pretty damned hard to actually do well in Mercs, but when you do it's quite satisfying.

Visually the game looks stunning. The environments are great.
The main characters are modelled well, the enemies I didn't really pay much mind because I was too busy shooting them - but I doubt they're terrible.
Sounds good. Sheva's voice grates on me after a while, but I doubt many people will mind it as much as I. I'm just easily annoyed I guess.

Anyway. It's a great game. I had a lot of fun with it.
If you loved RE4 then this is a lot like that, but with co-op - which in my book makes it a lot better.

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