Chance to get one of the retro costumes starts tomorrow (12/28)

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Just a friendly reminder for you folks that still have RE6. Tomorrow (more specifically 8 hours from now as of 9pm EST) is an event to unlock one of the classic blocky costumes. There hasn't been any way to unlock these legitimately until this one. If the goal is met, then everyone who participated gets to pick one to unlock. Here are the details below 
ZOMBIE MAYHEM: 12.28.2012 20:00:00 - 01.07.2013 20:00:00

The city's crawling with zombies, take 'em out! We can't even tell how many are out there, but if you work together we're sure you'll be able to kill 50 million of them!
How to participate
Players who defeat at least one of the target creatures during the event period.
Rule details
- 50m zombie kills across all players
- If the target is met, all participants will be awarded an EX3 costume of their choice.
- No Campaign / Extra mode limits.
- No single / multiplayer limits.
- No difficulty setting limits.
-The [Zombie], [Bloodshot], [Shrieker], [Whopper], [Whopper Supreme], and [Zombie Dog C] kills count towards the total.
- Rankings and event stats are updated once every day
- In the event of a tie, the player with the highest number of kills under [Zombies] in the enemy list wins. 
The event lasts for a  week and a half, plenty of time to load up RE6 and kill a zombie. Since there are no limitations, I guess the best way to rack up a ton of these kills would be to play Urban Chaos over and over. Honestly I probably won't deal with RE6 too much anymore, but that Leon costume. Nostalgia!  
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A contest?? Bleh, I was hoping they'd just patch them in or something down the line. So yeah, even though the Mercs mode was... OK, the only reason I would go back in would be to play while wearing the costumes, not so I can play in some multiplayer event just for the possibility of unlocking one. It's not even the one I want the most, either.

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@Yummylee: The RE Net stuff sounded like a neat idea, especially from Capcom. Unlock stuff through playing the game instead of just buying it. But It's such a grind to unlock anything through their point system, and in the end, you're just unlocking paint swaps. The other costumes have the same weapon set as the alternate. 
It'd be nice if they have new weapon sets for these costumes (Also I think you get to choose which one to unlock). Personally, I'm just going to play a game of Mercs tomorrow, and just wait and see. The hackers seem to run up the scoreboard anyway, maybe this time it'll benefit everyone.
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I am slaying zombies like crazy ;-)

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