Looking to play, but is Co-Op the way to go?

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Just got this game for free from a promotion and I love me some Resident Evil. Unfortunately though I keep hearing that co-op is best with this game and none of my friends list guys wanna play.

1.) Is it REALLY that bad in SP?

2.) Does anyone wanna co-op this with me? (360)

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As they say... Misery loves company. Seriously, any game is better when you have friends and can make fun of it.

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I'm sure playing it in co-op will lessen the pain a little. (...maybe) Most games are a ton more fun with another person.

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Unlike the rest of the world, I actually enjoyed this game for the most part. Admittedly I did play through it strictly in co-op with a friend, so I can't speak much for the single-player. That being said, I do recommend trying to partner up with somebody, especially someone who you know you can communicate well with and/or someone who hasn't played the game yet either. I would help you, but I don't own the 360 version. Sorry.

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I played it alone my first time, I thought it was fine. Co-op is fine too. Either way is good duder.

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Thanks Duders, looks like I'll be bribing a friend to buy it!

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