My opinion on this game has completely changed for the better.

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So a buddy of mine and myself, played the co-op of RE6 straight for the last few days.

When it first released, I truly hated the game. My friend convinced me to play it co-op with him and give it a chance. Reluctantly, I did, but something happened along the way that made it really enjoyable. We upped the difficulty, changed some of the settings for aiming and such (making the laser sight instead of reticle for one), and just genuinely had a blast.

I personally don't think the game is GOTY or anything, but there is a lot more strategy (what with all the stamina, melee, and quick shots required in the game) and it was really fun. More so than I had with most other co-op games this year.

For this, I announce that yes, my opinion on a game changed from bad initial impression, to really good, which has rarely happened.

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I think many people have been pre-conceived in RE6. In fact my misantrophy have bloomed after reading lots of ignorant hate comment of the game. (I know I should be more concerned with "social justice ... But I just dont care). I think people hated the game before it entered the store. I also think that that the non-pc story (a bit "misogynistic" at times) has got some [word I can not write on giant bomb] college-know-it-all hippies whiney.

I think its an entertaining game, but the well was poisoned and some people behave like sheep and hate it cuz they think its the smart think to do.

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The story was bad. But the story has ALWAYS been bad. And I'm one of the people who loves Resident Evil so much that they ADORED the Outbreak series. And that game is terrible.

You are right though, there seems to be some strange micro-managment thing with the stamina, quick shots, melee and what have you that I wasn't able to wrap my mind around my first time playing. I had a terrible habit of trying to do things with an empty stamina bar. Basically my first experience with it was awful, and all I did was die. Over and over and over again. And I'm fucking aces at these games but I could not for the life of me get good at this game in a four hour time frame.

I look foward to giving it another go when it hits PC. Cause for the life of me I cannot remove my mouth from Capcom's collective dick when the name "Resident Evil" is involved.

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