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So Resident Evil 6 has a lot of systems in place that it never ever explains. One of them is the Quick Shot system, which seems inspired off Call of Duty's left-trigger-feathering-aim-assist-system.

If you've played the game for a bit you might have found this out for yourself, but I noticed that if you press the Aim and Fire button at the same time, your character will pop a shot off from the hip, which might seem a little strange at first. However, if there are enemies within a certain range, your character will turn to face them when shooting.

In the case of Leon and his dual handguns, if you keep holding aim down and keep shooting, he will do a unique animation.

I haven't messed around enough with Resident Evil 6 yet to figure out if it does any extra damage, stuns the enemies or has any extra critical effect, but it's a great way to focus fire on enemies who are about to grab you from any direction.

I hope someone finds this helpful.

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Helena when using her Hydra shotgun also has her own unique animation for Quick Shot.

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I think it's most useful when enemies are diving at you or against dogs. But no matter what situation your in it tends to be quite helpful

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quick shots are used to quickly stun or damage an enemy. You can use them to initiate on an enemy and follow up with an aoe melee attack like chris's backfist or maybe interrupt their ranged attack like those j'avo with rpgs or anything close that is about to maul you.

They do okay damage, and you can even kill some weaker zombies with one quick shot with an assault rifle and a special melee followup (where they're stunned and the RT prompt comes up). Im not sure about regular pistols though.

You can use the quick shot on a sniper to shoot something at close range without having to zoom in.

The drawback of quick shots is that they cost energy, so if you're spamming them you can run out of energy fast and not be able to follow up on them.

They make you look badass and can be quite useful.

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@Casey25 said:

They make you look badass 

That's all that matters. 
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They're also one of the many things that Brad didn't pick up on.


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I like how people throw around "the game never explains this"...

The game tells you how to quick shot within like the first 10 minutes (during Leon's Prologue). Just FYI. I get it, Brad says it never explains these things. He is actually wrong. He probably just missed it. Oh well.

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@handlas said:

I like how people throw around "the game never explains this"...

The game tells you how to quick shot within like the first 10 minutes. Just FYI. I get it, Brad says it never explains these things. He is actually wrong. He probably just missed it. Oh well.

Quick shot is one of the few things it tells you how to do but it doesn't explain it's uses (a way to stun and follow with a melee, a way to blind fire, apparently as the OP says you can keep firing to do something special as well as a way to turn to face an enemy). It still fails to explain almost everything and with it installed on the xbox the load screens last about 1 second. Not enough time to read what it shows.
So, maybe it's more proper to say the game fails to properly explain it's systems. I'm liking the game but it fails horribly when it comes to teaching its players how to utilize the crazy amount of systems it has going on.
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I find it funny that REnet has an online manual that explains almost everything about the game.

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Well, it was actually after seeing the Quick Look and hearing the podcast that made me realize that Brad might never had understood the gameplay mechanics like the Quick Shot, which would explain his experience with the game.

It's the same as not knowing how to turn blocks in Tetris... It's that essential a tool, in my opinion.

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@DarkbeatDK Agreed.
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Quickshot with a sniper rifle almost always knocks an enemy down, and it basically acts like a shotgun.

really helped when I joined a game on professional as Piers and only had his sniper (which is a one-hit kill in most cases) and the Item drop increase skill so I never run out of ammo.

Also: get your Firearms skill to level 3 as quick as you can, You just WRECK shit.

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