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Hey there!

I'm currently making a promotional project for a video game for my Interactive Media course. The promotional project will take the form of a trailer and a poster campaign -- but before I can begin my offical pre-production process, I have to do some audience research first so I can see what an audience wants/doesn't want from a trailer or poster, etc.

Could some of you please help me with this audience research? What better place to get information from a gaming audience than a gaming forum! Any information I can get will be a great help to the project! and I thank everyone in advance who answers the questions below for me.


What is your gender? (You do not have to answer this question,

however it will allow me to see if I should aim my trailer/posters at a

specific gender).

1. What website do you watch trailers on the most?

YouTube [ ]

Dailymotion [ ]

Vimeo [ ]

Other [ ]

If you chose "other", what website do you use?

2. What type of pacing do you prefer a trailer to


Slower paced [ ]

(slower build up, shows more story scenes)

Faster paced [ ]

(fast build up, faster editing, shows more action scenes)

A mix of both [ ]

(a balance of the options given above, such as slow build up with a fast,

action packed ending, etc.)

If you have any details to add, please write them here:

3.In a trailer for an action horror game, what do you prefer to see?

more Action [ ]

more horror [ ]

more story/character development [ ]

Can you explain why?

4. Do graphics effect if a trailer appeals to you or


For example, should the 3D models or special effects be as real as possible?

5. Out of the examples below, which sound track

appeals to you the most?

Action/cinematic [ ] (specifically 1 minute into the video)

Tense/atmospheric [ ] (specifically 1:20 into the video)

Horror/action [ ]

A mix of the soundtracks above [ ] (please explain)

Why do you like that music?

6. Is a trailer more appealing if it shows something

you are familiar with?

For example, is the trailer more appealing if it shows familiar characters, or

is a continuation of a storyline you like?

7. Out of the options given below, what type of

poster that advertises a film or game appeals to you the most?

Those advertised in magazines [ ]

Cinema or bus shelter posters [ ]

Other [ ]

Can you briefly explain why?

8. Do character poses make a poster more interesting?

If so, what kind of character poses make a poster more interesting?

9. Should a poster display:

Only the most important characters [ ]

A balanced mix of heroes and villains [ ]

A clue to what the plot may be about [ ]

A mix of the options above/other [ ]

Can you briefly explain why?

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