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Fare thee well, sweet prince. 13

Oh boy. Where to even begin? I've been a fan of this franchise since the very beginning back in 1996; Resident Evil was my childhood, and the very original just so happened to be one of the first games that I played. I adored this stuff during the 90s and early oughts. However, once came Resident Evil 4, things changed. Now I'm not going to lambaste Resident Evil 4 as some evil mark of damnation--it's a great game by all means--but it's not why I personally came to this series; it's not why I wa...

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Resident Evil 6 Review: Giraffe Cock 0

Resident Evil is one of the most prestigious series in gaming, and has produced what many consider the most iconic survival horror games in history courtesy of its past entries. After many years of great success the series was becoming repetitive, but Resident Evil 4 was a revolution that rejuvenated the franchise. Altering the established fundamentals of what had become a stagnant series, Resident Evil 4 was a stunning success which set a new standard for third person action games and managing ...

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Resident Evil 6 Review (PC). 0

Resident Evil 6, what positives can I take away from a game I was so desperate to see the back of. What hope is there that I can praise the very few moments of actual quality amid the flood of mediocrity and frustration. Resident Evil 6 is a bad game, let's just get that out of the way. But it's the fact that it's bad because of decisions made by Capcom's development choices rather than any technical or performance issues that makes it an even tougher pill to swallow.Resident Evil 6's campaign ...

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When a game loses its soul, it loses everything. 0

On the third main title after rebooting the series into a more action-oriented third person shooter with horror elements Resident Evil seems to have forgotten lessons learned with the fourth and fifth iterations as well as the minimal necessary to make a Resident Evil. While Resident Evil 4 was still the series we all learned to love, Resident Evil 5 was more of a “great game, mediocre RE”. This time there’s absolutely no excuse, Resident Evil 6 isn’t a good game by any ...

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Enjoyed The Hell out of It 3

Resident Evil 6 could go down as one of the most controversial games of this console generation, simply because bad press has divided fans of the series. While those that complained for years about Tank Controls and "wonkey camera angles" got their answer in January of 2005 with Resident Evil 4, one of the most ground breaking games of all time. Yet how quickly we forget that some of the control problems from changing gears with this franchise in that sequel, have existed since that sequel. If R...

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A call for justice for a much maligned excellent action game 0

anybody who hates this game is one of three things:a. not good enough at videogames to get over the control complexityb. doesn't recognize it for the ridiculous zombie/mutant wrestler it isc. a person who has never played it.d. a person who mourns the death of survival horror in RE games (see c.)This game is a hilarious and engaging. If you are playing this game only using the guns, you are not going to appreciate the rewards of melee combat. Want to grapple a giant zombie lizard and knee it in...

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Resident evil 6 succeeds on athmosphere,,sounds,,music and gore,,but fails on being scary and.challanging 0

its pretty lame as a re-evil game and worse tha nre5,,but it doesnt mean that i didnt enjoy it,,while re6 has many garbage moments,,i can puke of,,cuz its terrible bad,,other aspect are really good,,re5 had both aspect,,weak and good stuff,, its awful,,and terible,,but it is also fun and nice to play,,and also the longer chapters maeks it fun;) ,,like here is re6 to u,,which is insanly bad at the same time pretty good,,both at the same time;),,aiming your pistol i nre6 doesnt always feels right ...

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The Evolution of a Franchise Continues 0

The Resident Evil series has traditionally been characterized by four main attributes. Over the top, campy storylineCreepy horror atmosphereResource conservationAnnoying puzzles The game has slowly changed since RE4, moving toward a more action oriented, roller coaster experience rather than haunting isolation and cautious exploring. Many fans have criticized this move, but after playing the last three installments I believe this is definitely the proper direction for the franchise to have move...

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Ambition can take you only so far 0

If there's one thing you can credit Resident Evil 6 for is its ambition. Whereas previously the action and story were relatively intimate with it focusing on one core ordeal and seeing characters through it; Resident Evil 6 is all over the map. Literally. With high production values, no less than 4 campaigns with an interwoven storyline that's quite impressive, every part of RE6 should impress you to its core. Except it doesn't, at least most of the time as the game seems to be in a weird state...

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Deserves all the hate. 0

Really one of the worst games i have ever seen and the fact that this is a resident evil game just makes it so much worse. First of all the mandatory intro that you have to play through is one of the most painful video game moments i have ever experienced, it should be used in schools to show future developers how not to start a game. The game starts with you having to carry another person through a long level with no real threat present. Its long and really boring. I would like to make it clea...

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Every RE fan must play it 0

**Before hating, read it whole and / or play it for yourself**A new Resident Evil game is here, and that means that fanatics of 16 years old gameplay are hating it .....again. As they say, haters gonna hate.STORYRE6 is here, almost 3 years after RE5, and a new Biological Hazard is at hand. You may be wondering who are the bad guys this time, (considering that almost every important bad guy in the mythos has been *defeated*) but all I can say is that it looks like they were the bad guys since the...

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Don't listen to the haters 0

First off I think that this game is being given a bad ride okay so the story is a little sketcy in some places and it lacks some of the old Resident Evil such as puzzles. I have been in to Resident Evil since the beginning and have played all the games whilst this is not as good as the 4th it is a lot better then the 5th one. Chris's campaign  thought was the worst I think they just chucked that one in just to make people think that they got there moneys worth time wise you can tell that they ar...

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A real nightmare for Resident Evil fans 1

The newest entry in the Resident Evil franchise will undoubtedly divide opinion, and rightfully so. What the developers started in Resident Evil 5 is most definitely continued here with the most action oriented and ambitious title so far in the series. The most important thing however is does it pay off? Does this game take the best of what makes current-gen games great and use them effectively or does it become a bad mash up that tries to run before it can walk? Somewhere in the middle but lean...

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Wiggle the analog stick to not die... 3

Resident Evil 6 is a checklist game. What is a checklist game? It's a game that tries to take common and popular video game tropes and tries to turn it into something coherent. These games don't have to be bad, mind you. Games like "Darksiders" and even "Borderlands" operate off a checklist and manage to form their own identities.Resident Evil 6 is a bad checklist game. It operates off a checklist that has almost no semblance of structure. Whereas the aforementioned games managed to build a soun...

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resident evil 6 review by serious matt12 0

i loved this game yes its a hard game at times but its worth it get the anthology edition it has resident evil 1 resident evil2 resident evil 3 resident evil 4 hd resident evil 5 gold edition thats worth it!!! get the game now!!!! go on get it its worth it get it get it get it!!!!!!...

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It’s easy to crap on, but Capcom delivers another masterpiece 22

Resident Evil 4 released on the Gamecube and rewrote the rules on third-person action. I for one, consider Resident Evil 6 one of the best games of this last generation, I also believe if it wasn't for the game's innovations, games like Halo 4(unreleased) wouldn't exist in their current form.While the game doesn't break new ground, RE6 is an incredible game that shouldn't be missed. To be honest, this game is merely a slightly improved version of Resident Evil 6. So if that game turned you off f...

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Incoming FLamE 6

Gone are the days of classic Resi Survival horror. This is an action game with a resi-skin. The graphics are nice on the character models and a few times through the campaigns i have said out loud "wow that is terrible looking". Other times they pull off the scale Capcom was going for and they do it well.Controls, Controls, Controls.......It reminds me of getting used to Gears of War. At first i was rolling when i wanted to run. Not taking cover when needed. Rolling on the floor like an idiot. A...

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Bigger! & Longer! & Fun! 11

Resident Evil 6 is the latest title in the long running video game series from Capcom that has spawn over a dozen games across over 15 yearResident Evil or in Japan known as Bio Hazard originally debuted on Sony PlayStation in 1996Positive +4 campaigns to play from the prospective of up to 7 characters with various location tailor made for that character(s)with Leon Kennedy who debuted in RE2 returning who helped reboot the series thanks to RE4along with the original male protagonist Chris Redfi...

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What the hell happen 0

The game to me was a dissapointment, I don't know where to really begin. I'll try too keep this short and simple, I've rented this game, which I recommend others do before they decide to buy. After completing the first campaign, I was already bored and lost interest, and the first campaign I've played was CHRIS which was suppose to be the highlight of the action gamplay shooter. After that the game started to feel like a chore and each chapters were almost two hours long. I'll just add pros and ...

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RE6 is both a step forward, and a step back for the series 0

Pros:-Great graphics-Lot's of content-Co-op is fun-Improved shooting mechanics-Great boss battlesCons:-Game's lighting is too dark, even at max brightness-Agent Hunt is awkward-Lack of pause while playing online-Some Quick Time Events are cheap and annoying-Bad cover system-A bit too focused on action and not survival horrorThe Resident Evil series has long been a staple in the survival horror series, and it has constantly been adding and evolving it's gameplay elements over the years. And while...

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WHY? 0

Why Does this exist. It is like Michael Bay and J.J Abrams made a video game and M. Night Shyamalan tried to be in this but not much. It ruined Resident Evil for me and I hope whoever made this game lost there jobs and they need to have the people (or as good) as Resident Evil 1-4. I wouldn't make my worst enemy play this game....

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My Resident Evil 6 Review 0

I would have never believed in a million years that a numbered sequel in the Resident Evil series would ever be as bad as Resident Evil 6 turned out to be. You would think with so much money and talent thrown at it that it would be in contention for game of the year. With so many things wrong it is hard to pinpoint exactly where to begin, but I’d have to say it starts with the 600 people working on it. On top of that Resident Evil 6 tries to be everything to every gamer out there, almost as if n...

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Game of 2012 0

I honestly do not see why everybody hates this game, I thought it was the most enjoyable gaming experience of 2012, to this day I am still playing and loving every minute.All of the complaints I see about the controls, movement and shooting, for me at least, are just not right. The game runs fluently and I do not see where these people are coming from. I played all four campaigns cooperatively with a friend and he feels the exact same way, it is a thousand times better than RE 5 and I believe it...

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Resident Evil 6: Almost Good 0

Resident Evil 6 is a really mixed bag.Not to bleed my hand here, but this is – ultimately – not a very good game. In fact, I’d even go so far as to call it bad. However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t truly interesting – and, dare I say, innovative – aspects within the overall experience.Let’s start with the movement. For a series that has so unabashedly restricted player movement while aiming, the mobility Resident Evil 6 affords the player i...

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Too Many campaigns 6 0

I've been a huge fan of Resident Evil since Resident Evil 4. I know it's not survival horror or anything like that, but really it didn't matter, I just liked the gameplay and the suspense. I've enjoyed Resident Evil 5.The Good: We got a Resident Evil game on this generation of consoles. The graphics on this game are really great especially for this console. I don't play many video games but I find the lighting in this game spectacular. You can finally move and shoot. Leon and Chris in the same g...

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core gameplay is engaging and rewarding enough to be worthwhile 0

The last of the Resident Evil games to hit in 2012 is finally upon us, and no doubt this new entry in the main line of games is going to cause quite a stir with diehard fans of the franchise as they wonder what the hell Capcom is doing with their beloved, once-almighty horror series.Resident Evil is no longer the scary, continuous suspense game that it used to be. It has evolved into something more in line with an action game containing a horror-themed plot. There is no doubt Capcom has brought ...

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Great game 0

Resident Evil 6, with its fun innovating gameplay, nice new and old characters mingling, non-PC story line and action oriented twist is a must play. Its great to experience Resident Evil on a new level. RE6 has a creative way to tell the story by having different points of view retelling the events. There are innovating co-op where people playing different campaigns meet to fight bigger enemies together.There are many mini-games (mercenaries and agent hunt) and the new ones coming as DLC are add...

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A Good Action Game 0

I don't consider this a true Resident Evil game, it is a very good action game. You'll read all these reviews or comments about the game and think it is the worst game ever made but I really enjoyed it. If you can look past how disconnected it is from the rest of the series it is, save the characters, you'll get an insane over the top action game with good set pieces and boss battles. The coop is really fun and brings back good memories of playing RE5 coop. To me if you have fun playing a game a...

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